Bible Truth & Prophecy | Jude: Being ready to Stand Before Christ - 5 videos

Who was Jude? He wrote the very last epistle (letter) to God’s beloved believers. This study explores who Jude was and why he wrote such a fiery warning with unequivocal conviction to a wider audience versus a specific Ecclesia. Jude calls for action; to fight for the truth and the purpose of Christs’ life and death, to resist the false teachings that had “crept in.” He pleads with us to keep earnestly contending for the faith amongst the mockers of his day…and of our day.
This series of 5 studies presented to our youth weekend scholars in 2019 served as a stack reminder as to the type of Godless world we live in – trials and temptations are at every turn. The Message of Jude is Clear – Stand steadfast!
1: The Message of Jude
2: The principles for today
3: ‘Get Ready for a Fight’
4: Being one of the Beloved
5: Exhortation

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