Israel, the Balfour Declaration and the Bible part 2.

Description: The return of the Jews to their homeland, after 2000 years of dispersion, is exactly what God said He would bring to pass, in many Bible predictions. The history of the Jews, so clearly foretold, is evidence for the reality of God. He is working in this world and in our lives. exists to serve the brotherhood in providing both preaching and Study material in video and other forms to assist in the proclamation efforts of individuals and Ecclesias alike and also as a preaching tool in itself.

This website was set up to assist in this endeavour and our aim is to Declare the God of Israel to those who are seeking the truth about the Human condition and the message of salvation found within the pages of scripture (the Bible).

We are a group of Baptised Christadelphians from all over the world who volunteer their God given time and resources to this cause.

watch the whole series here…….

Israel, the Balfour Declaration and the Bible – 2 Part Series Bible Study Series

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