Bible Truth & Prophecy | IS THERE REALLY A LIVING GOD?

New series of pamphlets dealing with some of the most basic questions often asked by those seeking the Truth about God.

This article answers the question…


This booklet is about understanding God, considering the evidence for His existence, and what He is offering to mankind.

Between our devotion to material concerns, our pursuit of pleasure, and the rise of strident atheism based on a biased interpretation of scientific data, it is no surprise the western world has come to regard God as a baseless and useless superstition.

But has this new age of godlessness produced a better world for us all? Have the evils of the past resident in our human thinking and behaviour been banished from our societies?

What if there really is a God who created this universe and sustains it every day?

What if there really is a God who directs the course of human history so the destructive hand of man is restrained and His purpose for humankind ultimately realized? And, what if there really is a God who wants you to be involved with this purpose?

Is it worth your time to consider the question whether there really is a Living God?

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