Is The New Testament Reliable #4 Have we got the right Gospels?
A Christadelphian Video: 
No reputable historian disputes the existence of Jesus Christ but some skeptics claim that the accounts of Jesus in the New Testament are later myths.
This video shows a small part of the evidence which shows that the Gospel accounts are reliable records of Jesus' words and actions. 
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Sceptics often say that there were many Gospels of essentially equal merit, all saying different things, 
but that the church selected the four biblical ones in the fourth century and suppressed the others. 
The reality is that the New Testament Gospels were written in the lifetime of the Apostles from eyewitness testimony and were accepted as records inspired by God from the beginning, 
while the apocryphal gospels were written a century later by people with a theological axe to grind and no access to anyone who had been with Jesus. 
The real Gospels are supported by evidence. They were accurate, reliable and inspired from the start.
Is The New Testament Reliable #4 Have we got the right Gospels

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