The Old Testament contains accounts of very powerful judgements by God – such as the Flood, the destruction of Sodom, the expulsion of the Canaanites and many examples of divine wrath. Critics of the Bible claim that such a warlike God seems very different to the teachings of love and non resistance that Jesus preached.

Is the God of the Old Testament different to the New Testament GodAnswer
• God does not change (Mal 1:6) –His character is very consistent
• God does not enjoy having to judge and punish men –Ezek 18:23 , 2 Pet 3:9
• God does require us to be personally non resistant to evil, but He does not accept or tolerate wickedness. While He is longsuffering , men should never imagine God ignores sin and wickedness . Ecc12:14
• God destroyed nations that were totally immoral , and especially those that would have been dangerous for his chosen people Israel to live nearby.(Canaanites)
• God destroyed cruel and wicked nations like Assyria (see Nahum)
• God destroyed evil cities like Sodom and will do so again in the future. Rev 16:19
• God gave the world 120 years of Noah’s preaching before judgment fell (Gen 6:3), and gave the Amorites hundreds of years before judgment came (Gen 15:16)
• It is fallacious to think that Jesus was all about peace and love- see Matt 10:35 “Think not I am come to send peace on earth , I came not to send peace but a sword”
• Jesus denounced in the strongest terms the hypocritical religionists of his days.(Matt23)
• Jesus predicted the impending overthrow of the Jewish nation. Luke 21:24
• God slew Ananias and Sapphira for dishonesty. Acts 5:1-7
• Jesus predicts very serious judgements to come at his return Rev 19:15-21, 11:18
• God will again move mightily to judge the world Acts 17:31, Zech 14

The real issue here is that men try to make conform to modern humanistic concepts , that do not accept absolutes of right and wrong, and that any God must fit their ideas of tolerance and unmitigated kindness.
God who created the world, and who controls it for His purpose , has and will continue to judge mankind and remove wickedness . Psa 37:9-13

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