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Description: This is an in-depth study from a single chapter of the Book of Daniel (Chapter 2). The speaker reviews the thoughts of the people and the ways of Babylon and its mighty king who was not able to rely or trust the false ways of his so-called wise men. This system of Babylon is eventually destroyed, but prophesied to be replaced even to our day; all the while becoming weaker and weaker until one day it will come crashing down! All the nation’s rulers of our day appear to be on very shaky ground! This incredible prophecy was torturing a man of the flesh in his dreams, yet was understood and interpreted by a man that walked according to the spirit of God. Daniel and his friends of faith demonstrate their absolute reliance on God despite being entrenched by the influence of the kingdom of men. Their steadfast faith and unified prayers should help us endure—those of us who long to see the restored Kingdom of God at the hand of Jesus Christ!

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