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Our new “Hallmarks of Design” series will cover some of life’s mysterious creatures with amazing specialisations, all of which show the creative genius of our God. Be in awe of the mechanisms which exist in living things which defy logical explanation by chance. When we look in some detail at innate behaviour and specialised biology, we are forced to acknowledge Paul’s words in Romans 1 that those who reject an Almighty Creator are “without excuse”.

We hope to cover a variety of topics, from Naked Moles Rats, Ant Lions and Giraffes to Australian Long Finned Eels and more. This series is designed to make you think, and ponder the omnipotence of our God as he masters all creation by His spirit. Never before have Bible believers been so under attack by atheists and evolutionists. Take the time to build your faith and love for our God – for truly He is greatly to be praised.

  More videos coming soon God Willing! 
Design vs Chance! Let's think sensibly about this....

Design vs Chance! Let’s think sensibly about this….

A Christadelphian Video: Description: A compelling, logical and biological approach to determine whether the world was formed by intelligent design ...
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The Long finned Australian Eel - A wonder of Creation

The Long finned Australian Eel – A wonder of Creation

This video takes a look at the remarkable life of the long finned eel, which inhabits coastal and inland waters ...
The Death Enigma - a stumbling block for Evolutionists.

The Death Enigma – a stumbling block for Evolutionists.

We often hear of the origin of life from those who subscribe to the theory of evolution - but we ...
Hallmarks of Design: 'The Ant Lion'

Hallmarks of Design: ‘The Ant Lion’

The Ant Lion is a particularly interesting example of metamorphosis, with a larval stage unlike any other. The small, ferocious ...
Hallmarks of Design: The Naked Mole Rat

Hallmarks of Design: The Naked Mole Rat

In this video in the Hallmarks of Design series, we look at a strange creature which repulses most people, and ...

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