The Christadelphian’s Description: The Bible explains! The world is going the way God wants it to go and ultimately it will end in His Kingdom being set up on Earth with the Lord Jesus Christ as King. God sent His Son to save those who would believe and obey and endeavour to follow his example.

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“Good News! It’s the End of the World.” …why is there no sound..while the video plays..? And yet it says – “Now Playing”..? is this happening to others who come to this site hoping to see/hear an important talk. I apologize if it is only me. perhaps it is my computer. I have made a comment similar to this before, along with my email address, and would like a reply when time permits. Many thanks, and much appreciation for all you do to bring so much to our community.

please let me enter my apology. I was unaware that this muist be seen on you-tube till I just saw the small red button below, pushed it, and happily saw the video was now among them and ready to be seen and heard there. please ignore my question as it was not apparent till today.

Its not the end of the world, its the end of the age (aion) wrongly translated in many bibles as world..

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