In Genesis 3, we are introduced to “the serpent” who is identified as being “a beast of the field”. The serpent was an animal and was not governed by law.  It had not been made in the image and likeness of God and therefore had no capacity to appreciate divine ideas.  It was “amoral” and could only reason on what it saw.  Death was beyond its experience.

The woman spoke the truth to the serpent, but its contradiction “You will not die” distorted her thinking.  The serpent’s lie challenged God’s authority.   In being tempted, the woman was affected in three specific ways, which became the three principles of temptation affecting humankind.

Genesis 3:6

1 John 2:16,17

 “good for food”“lust of the flesh”
“pleasant to the eyes”“lust of the eyes”
“desired to make one wise”“the pride of life”

The immediate consequence of sin was that the man and woman both felt ashamed and hid themselves (verses 7,8).  Their relationship with the LORD God was affected.  What happened to the dominion man had been given?  He had given it to an animal.  Because he had listened and followed the serpent’s lie.  The danger is that our minds will be corrupted from the true teaching of God – false teaching (2 Corinthians 11:3)

Man and woman are now doomed to death.

What does God do?

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