Bible Truth & Prophecy | Giving Grace -5 Part series

Description: A practical and challenging series, drawing on sections of the discourse on the mount which concentrate on how and why a true disciple should avoid a judgmental attitude towards others. Consideration is given to the imprecatory psalms and their meaning in view of New Testament teaching. Without the Holy Spirit or the divine inspiration of the psalmist it is impossible to truly judge a person’s character or motivation. Therefore believers are commanded not to judge but rather to examine themselves and their own motives. Christ is the true and rightful judge. Disciples are called to be of a generous spirit towards others, to humbly give grace, be gentle, love their enemies and seek through prayer, to overcome the very human propensity to judge and condemn.

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He that speak evil of is sister and judged his sister speaketh evil of the laws and judgeth of the law.

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