Genesis 2:4 “the generations…” This now introduces us to the record of human activity.  The creation of man and woman are given in more detail than that supplied in Chapter 1.

Genesis 2:7 “… and man became a living soul”  Adam is made from the dust of the ground, and God breathed into him to give him life. This breath sustains life (Job 33:4;  34:14,15).

Job 33:4

The Hebrew words for “living soul” are nephesh chaiyah

  • soul (nephesh)             signifying “creature” or “breathing frame”, from the verb “to breathe”
  • living (chayiah)           signifying “of life”

These two words are used not only of humans, but also of the animals.  The word “soul” really means body, and is translated the following way in Genesis chapters 1 and 2:

  • Genesis 1:20   “moving creature”    – sea life
  • verse 21        “living creature”           – mammals
  • verse 24        “living creature”           – cattle, creeping thing, beast
  • verse 30        “life”                            – beast of earth, fowl, creeping thing
  • Genesis 2:7   “living soul”                 – man
  • verse 19        “every living creature” – animal kingdom named by Adam.

This means that animals, fish, man and woman are all souls.

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