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Among all the books of the Bible, there is none that so readily stirs the soul to the theme of re-building as that of Ezra and Nehemiah. There are truly many great works of renewal covered in Holy Writings but there is none that comes so readily to mind as that of the days of the Ezra the Scribe and the faithful governor, Nehemiah, when the people, few though they were, united their voices to exclaim,

“Let us rise up and build”! (2:18)
And when we come to the book of Esther, there is none that stirs up the emotions when we witness the great deliverance of the God of Israel. This series of studies will cover all three books and highlight some of the amazing lessons we can learn as followers of God’s Holy Word.
This series was first delivered at the Kaiapoi Christadelphian Meeting room in NZ during 2017

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