Bible Truth & Prophecy | ENCOUNTERS: Personal testimony of Individual Preaching no:2
This page is dedicated to the encounters and personal testimony of individual preaching by Christadelphians the world over, 
 Just short examples of how to strike up a conversation of the truth we hold so dear.
 Individually, we all have a responsibility to Matthew 10:7 – And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Open the Gate

 I went for a walk to get the newspaper (am addicted to doing crossword solver), and on the way back, only 3 doors from my daughter’s house, saw a woman struggling to slide a bolt on a low gate.  I said, “Shall I practice my magic to help you with that?” She smiled at me, and so I had to wiggle it a bit, but managed to open it.  

 She was very grateful – said she was overdue for her appt. So I said that I had another piece of magic… something that is impacting the world at present. She waited while I dived into my handbag for a Fingerpost on Israel… Later she said, “I thought oh no, you’re a JW.”  But I wasn’t!!!

 She looked at it, saw the word Christadelphian on the back, and said, “Do you have meetings round here?” She had heard of the Christadelphians but didn’t know much about them. I gave her an outline of our function as a laity and our expectation of our Lord’s return to “fix the mess”.  She expressed an interest to find out more, so I gave her my email address, and said if she contacted me, I would find someone local who could get in touch…. 

If you wish to contribute to this effort you must be a Baptised Christadelphian and your encounters need to be in a digital format and you can submit them by email or by private message on facebook. They can be in various formats including Plain text, Word doc (either formatted or not), note pad or audio or video file etc.
Please include your name and ecclesia and other personal details but these will only be published if you indicate that is your if you prefer to remain anonymous to the reader – you can!

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