At Schools all over the world, children are taught, as fact, that the dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, yet there is overwhelming evidence to show that they were, in fact, contemporary with modern man, supporting the Bible view that life was only brought about on this planet around 6000 years ago. Matt Jamieson, Christadelphian, Author, public speaker, and supporter of a Biblical creation, has a deep passion for this subject and in these three addresses puts forth compelling evidence showing that the Dinosaurs were, in fact, contemporary with man and were walking this earth as little as 4000 years ago. A must-see video series for all. Great for youth gatherings, CYC’s etc

Study 1: What came out of Hell Creek

Study 2: Pharooh’s court and the creatures of Job

Study 3: Historical evidence, Archeological evidence. Dragons: Fact or FictionWatch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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