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Israel has arrested 6 Hamas members who were planning  the kidnap and murder of Israeli citizens (J Post)
–  There is a sense of fear amongst European Jews causing them to take off their yarmulkes and hide their Star of David necklaces (Ynet)
–  Israel’s 5 th Dolphin class sub arrived in Israel on Jan 12 and Mr Netanyahu points out it will act as a deterrent to those who try to harm Israel (J Post)
–  On Jan 13 the IAF attacked a Pal cell planting explosives on the north Gaza border, killing one Pal (Ynet)
–  The Bank chief of Hapoalim points out  that the plunge in oil prices has prob’ly saved Israel about $5 (Bill) in 2015 compared to 2014 (Globes)
–  With most of the sanctions against Iran being lifted on Jan 15, Israel is showing alarm at the possible outcome (Ynet)
–  A report shows that Israel’s secret trade with Islamic Indonesia is running at hundreds of millions of $ per year (T of I)
–  A report shows that since 20018 Israel has lowered its debt rate by 1.8 %, more than any other country (Globes)
–  Israel’s new Rehav sub can travel underwater at 25 knots and is armored with Israel’s own cruise missiles ((D Alert)
–  Another gas find of approx 8.9 trillion cubic feet, off the Israeli coast, has been announced (T of I)
–  Mr Netanyahu says that if it wasn’t for Israel ‘leading’ the sanctions, Iran would have had nuclear weapons a long time ago (PMO)
–  On Jan 18 a massive sandstorm hit Israel (J Post)
–  Israel  has captured the 16 year old Arab  murderer of the Israeli mother of 6. Dafna Meir (T of I)
–  The IDF Chief of Staff states that Iran is waging a proxy war against Israel through Hizbullah and Hamas, both of which receives tens of millions of $’s from Iran (J Post)
–  Israel official Dore Gold pints out that Israel is NOT totally ‘isolated’ as many claim and they have ties with many Arab states.  Iran is NOT an Arab State and Iraq/Syria is the latter day Assyrian of Micah 4. (J Post  and GPL)
–  A new poll in France shows that up to 40 % of Jews in France wish to emigrate to Israel whilst in Hamburg Germany a Jewish leader says that Jews are  no longer safe there! (J Post)
–  Israel has thwarted a terror attack led by son of Hizbullah’s Nasrallah , who sent him $5,000 for the ‘job’ (Ynet)
–  Israel has officially taken over 380 acres of land in the Jordan Valley (J Post)
–  Israel has been planning trees along the Gaza border to block the view of terrorists wanting to attack various targets (J Post)
–  Israel reports that sales of Cyber related products tops all other countries other than USA (Def. News)
–  Israel’s opposition leader Herzog has asked the French Pres to stop promoting international moves against Israel (Ynet)
–  Israel is reportedly making preparations for a future in which it finds itself in direct confrontation with the Islamic State (IS) terror militia. (J Post)
–  On Jan 24 Israeli jets bombed Gaza targets in response to a rocket fired into Israel (J Post)
–  Israel’s Def. Min is accusing Turkey of selling ISIS oil (BBC)
–  Israel is reported to be equipping its armoured personal carriers with the ‘Trophy’ anti missile prevention system. Most Israeli tanks have the system (T of I)
–  On Jan 31, Mr Netanyahu threatened Hamas with more than extreme violence if  they attacked Israel via new tunnels (D Alert)
–  It is suspected that Israel knew of the US/UK spying on their Air Force video transmissions and chose to ignore it, not considering it to be a dangerous breach of Security (Star)
–  Israel is now making its own deep penetration bombs that can penetrate through over  1.5 meters of double reinforced concrete (T of I)
–  Israel’s Dore Gold has assured the world that Israel will never leave the Golan.(Hayom)
–  30,000 more Pals have received work permits bringing the total to 120,000 (Ha’aretz)
–  Chief of Staff Eisenkot said on Feb 9 the IDF is working in secret to locate and destroy tunnels coming from Gaza. (T of I)
–  Israel’s Elbit systems unveiled its new Seagull unmanned naval vessel capable of firing small torpedoes at submarines as well as detecting and destroying mines.  It can operate continuously for 96  hours (J Post)
–  About 700 Israeli women now serve with the Border Police and one, Hadar Cohen  was shot by a terrorist on Feb 3 (Hayom)

10 American servicemen were arrested by Iran on Jan 12 for straying into Iranian waters but were subsequently released after being interrogated (Al Arbya)
–  Influential American, Elliott Abrams speaks against Obama and speaks of ‘America’s new ally, IRAN’ (D Alert)
–  An American news report says the US has bombed and obliterated 9 depots where IS has deposited countless millions of dollars .  Some foreign ‘fighters’ are deserting after salaries were halved  IS has transferred a lot of its money to a hospital in Mosal. (N York T)
–  USA is to invest $120 (MILL) in Israel’s  tunnel detection system and hopes to use it on its Mexican border. The system detects tunnels tens of meters from the surface (Ynet)
–  A  US drone strike has killed a top al-Qaeda man thought to be an IS leader in Yemen (Reuters)

Turkish tanks and artillery killed 200 IS militants in retaliation for a suicide bombing in Istanbul (Reuters)
–  Israel’s Defence Min speaks of Turkey selling IS oil and making large profits (T of I)

The official spokesman of the Islamic State has declared the formation of a new IS Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus (D Alert)
–  On Feb 3 Russia announced the death of one of their ‘advisers’ in Syria (Reuters)
–  A recent report says that there is a surge in Aliya from Russia as recession hits as a result of low oil prices (Star)

EU Ban ki –Moon calls Israel’s ‘settlement  activity’ an affront to the Pals and to the international community and he quite openly seems to support the Pals in their murder sprees (Hayom)
–  An EU Adviser’s car was stopped recently and found to contain gold bars, jewelry, smart phones and steroids (D Alert)

The Iraqi deaths of people who hate Israel: Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Islamic Iraq/Bablyon between January 2014 and October 2015 — a toll the United Nations calls “staggering” in a new report.  About 3.2 million people were internally displaced, including a million school-aged children. (T of I)

Most Arab states, except Lebanon, have condemned Iran’s meddling in Arab affairs since the Iranian Shi’ite regime took power in 1979 (AP)
–  Iran has denied a report they have removed the core of Arak Heavy  Water reactor and sealed it with cement, and say that China may modify the plant which is capable of producing plutonium for a nuclear weapon (N York T)
–  After the lifting of some sanctions against Iran, USA imposed some new ones against companies and individuals complicit in procuring items for Iran’s missile program (Debka)
–  2 top leaders in Iran, boasting of their capture of 10 US servicemen,said “This is a sign of our might”(Fox News)
–  When oil sanctions were applied to Iran in 2012, oil was at $109-45 Bl….Now when sanctions are being lifted the price is about  $25-00 Bl, meaning a lot lower revenue for Iran!  A report states that the drop in oil prices will cost Iran about the same amount they will gain back from the sanctions relief!!!~  Further, Iran owes about the same amount to China  and others!!  (Wash Post)
–  Iran’s Def. Min trumpets that Iran will continue  to enhance its missile capabilities in defiance of US sanctions  (Iran TV)
–  Iran claims to have established terror groups in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, all promoting armed attacks on ‘the ‘racist Zionist body’ (D Alert)
–  A
writer explains that Iran is totally obsessed with destroying Israel and uses that obsession to make its people forget its failures (Wash Post)
–  Iran’s  Khamenei’s website shows that he thinks the Holocaust never happened (Memri)
–  Even as Iran deaths in Syria continue to rise, Iranian ‘military advisers’ are to serve with Syrian Gov. forces  (Times of Israel)
–  Iran’s leader Khomenei has awarded bravery medals to the head of the Navy and 4 commanders  for their ‘heroic bravery’ in the seizure of 2 US Navy boats (D Alert)
–  Iran is claiming that over $100 ( Bill) in previously frozen assets has been released to them! (Wash Post)
–  Iran’s army commander boasts that its missile program will become stronger and more precise and warns Israel!! (Iran Press)

The PA  leader MR Abbas, has made it clear that the ‘popular intifada’ will continue until the ‘end of the ‘occupation’ and there will be no return to negotiations until the ‘rights’ of the Pals are fully  recognized (Ha’aretz)
–  The PA’s violence campaign has backfired a bit as Israel returns  garrisons to the Bethlehem and Nablus regions and adding checkpoints around Pal towns from whence terrorists have come (Ha’aretz)
–  Israel believes that Hamas has completed all necessary preparation for another war with Israel. but Israel promises annihilation of Hamas in a ‘next war’!! (Ynet)
–  Tawfik Tirawi of the Fatah group assures the world that a Pal state with Jerusalem as its capital is only just a first phase!!( T of I )
–  Pal cleric al-Dari says Islam must conquer the world for the sake of allah!! (Memri)
–  A  report says that Hamas TV is devoting most of its time to encouraging attacks on Israel.  They accompany songs of praise to the ‘martyrs’ murderous attacks (Ynet)
–  Pals have been killed in tunnel collapses caused by heavy rains J Post)
–  Hamas’ Haniyeh said on Jan. 29 they are rebuilding tunnels in preparation for a future conflict with Israel (Ha’aretz)
–  The PA is denouncing Israel’s decision to create a mixed gender prayer section at the Western Wall.  They claim it a  Moslem Holy site (T of I)
–  In another Hamas tunnel collapse,  2 dead and 8 still missing (J Post)
–  An Israeli source claims Hamas is using aid provided for home building to rebuild tunnels  (J Post)
–  A report says that Hamas has built a line of  concrete military posts 500 meters apart , just inside the border fence (Ynet)
–  Mr Abbas is promising to rebuild terrorists homes destroyed by Israel (T I)

Both the PA and Hamas have declared Nashat Milhem a martyr after his killing of 3 people in Tel Aviv (Ynet)
–  Al-Qaeda  has released a video in which it threatens to attack Rome, Naples and  Madrid.  “  The attacks will be everywhere!’”(J Post)
–  The Arab murderer of Dafna Meir, mother  of 6, fled when he could not remove the knife from her body. The 15 year old perp has been captured (J Post)
–  Hamas leader Haniyeh says the present knife intifada is a holy war against the Zionist occupation (Hayon)
–  An 18 year old Pal was killed by the pipe bomb he intended to throw at Border Police when it exploded in his hands on Jan 23 (J Post) 2 Arab girls aged 18 have been arrested after making pipe bombs from instructions on the internet (Ha’aretz)
–  Residents on the southern border with Gaza are complaining of underground noise indicating tunnel boring by Hamas (J Post)
–  IS has declared the formation of a new IS Governorate in Russia’s north Caucusas  (D Alert)
–  2 suicide bombers killed 60 people in a Shi’ite Mosque in Damascus on Jan31  (T of I)
–  A Pal Police Officer was sot dead on Jan 31, after wounding 3 Israeli soldiers.  The Pal Police announced the operation and death with great pride ! (Ha’aretz)
–  At a PA funeral the leader shouted ‘its time to machine gun, kill 500 people (Jews)’ (T OF I)
–  An Israeli border police-woman Hadar Cohen,  was killed and another wounded by 3 Pal terrorists on Feb. The Pals were shot dead As well 2 teenage Arab girls were arrested after stabbing a security officer (J Post)
–  Father of terrorist who murdered Israeli Policewoman celebrates Son’s martyrdom (D Alert)
–  After an Israeli soldier was stabbed in Ashkelon, another soldier chased the attacker for 2 Ks before shooting him dead (T of I)
–  A report says that IS is facilitating the delivery of weapons ordered by Hamas thro Bedouin, but taking up to 20 % of the weapons for  themselves (Imra)
–  A recent video shows Iranian backed Shia militia using an M1 US made Abrams tank, no doubt part of an Iraqi weapons array (D Alert)
–  On Feb 9 a Pal woman tried to stab  Police Officers in the Old City and a young Pal girl was apprehended carrying a knife in a West Bank settlement (J Post)

ISIS fighters who fled from their failed  defence of Ramadi to Mosul, were publicly burned alive in Mosul’s Town square.(Fox News)
–  A writer speaking of the young men fighting with ISIS says they want money, guns and respect as murderers and not ideology (N york T)
–  Research shows that up to 42,000 Moslems served with the German SS during the last war and had a great part in killing Jews and Christians in Bosnia, Serbia, Greece and Russia (T of I)
–  An ISIS captive says he was instructed to catch Jews and behead them shouting ‘allahu akba’ (Ynet)
–  A report shows that IS has cut ‘fighters’  pay package by half , as income drops (J Post)

Hizbullah is claiming that Russia is arming it with missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons  The report is being dismissed by some as ‘disinformation’(Daily Beast)
–  An internat. operation has shut down a  Hizbullah drug sales operation funding Hiz. weapons for their Syria operation (CNN)

A recent report says that scores of Gov troops and IS militants have been killed in violent clashes in east Syria (J Post)

Libya is being seen as a safe haven for IS operatives and as a stepping stone to Europe (Wall St J)

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