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MARCH  2016


— Israel is well on the way to completing the barrier between south of the West Bank and the Jerusalem area. As well, work permits for family members of terrorists will be denied (Ha’aretz)

— Israeli made NAMER personnel carriers are being equipped with the very effective TROPHY protection system which destroys anti tank missiles and rocket propelled grenades in mid air (J Post)

— Israel admits developing a secret weapon to locate tunnels (D Alert)

— Israel’s new anti-tunnel weapon, dubbed ‘Underground Iron Dome’, can detect a tunnel then send in a moving missile to blow it up (Debka)

— USA, UK, the EU and Germany have condemned Israel’s appropriation of 580 acres (234 hectares) of land near Jericho in the West Bank (D Alert)

— The Israel economy grew by 2.5 % in 2015 and a record surplus of $13.8 (Bill) was created in Israel’s balance of payments (Hayom)

— 17 of the remaining few Jews in Yemen were brought to Israel in a secret mission on Mar 20. About 50 Jews remain in Yemen(J Post)

— Former Min. Yair Lapid describes the U.N.’Human Rights’ Council as a Council for terrorist rights (D Alert)

— In 2015 Foreign investment in Israel totalled $11.6 (Bill), a 90 % increase over 2014, And over 320 world class R and D centres were established (T of I)

— An Israeli soldier who shot a terrorist lying on the ground claims he did the right thing at the right time (J Post)

— An Israeli court has convicted Moslem cleric Omar Sara of incitement to violence after he said now is the time to kill Jews (Ha’aretz)

— A report says that 3,500 police working full time have turned the terror tide in Israel by using improved intell. to identify possible terror suspects and arresting them before they can create violence (J Post)

— Moodys Internat, Credit rating agency, has confirmed Israel’s A-1 rating (Globes)

— Israel; has announced new sales of military equipment to India worth hundreds of millions of dollars (J Post)

— A report says that Israel’s border with Gaza is the quietest in years and new residents are moving in (J Post)

— Israel seeks tourists from China and India. In 2015 40,000 tourists came from India (Reuters)

— Israel ‘looks on’ with trepidation as its neighbours buy billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons from the west !! (Reuters)

— Israel has suspended cement deliveries to Gaza, which were meant to rebuild Pal houses, as Hamas was stealing them for use in tunnel works (J Post)

— Israel recorded 2.5 % economic growth in 2015 and projects 2.8 for 2016 (AFP)

— Israel expects its upcoming F-351 attack planes will maintain its qualitative edge against regional adversaries (Def, News)

— Christians and other minorities flourish in Israel. There is a Christian Supreme Court Judge and there over 1,000 Moslem Arabs in the IDF (Gatestone)


— A report claims that IS lost 14 % of its territory in 2015 (D Alert)

— Syrian forces backed by Russian air strikes and Russian soldiers, recaptured the Syrian town of Palmyra from IS on March 27 (US Today)

— Abd ar-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, ISIS’ second in command and minister of finance, was killed in a clandestine raid conducted on the ground in Syria by U.S. Special Operations Forces, the Pentagon said Friday March 25. (ABC)


— US Delta Force Commandos recently captured an ISIS Chemical Weapons expert who supplied info enabling the air strike destruction of 2 chemical weapons facilities in Iraq (CBS)

— According to former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, President Obama has questioned why the U.S. should maintain Israel’s so-called qualitative military edge, which grants it access to more sophisticated weapons systems than America’s Arab allies receive. And he decided early on that he wanted to reach out to America’s most Middle East foe, Iran (D Alert)

— On Mar 4 US forces on the Jordan border launched guided rocket artillery attacks into Syria for the first time (D Alert)

— In a last ditch attempt to make his mark in the last days of his Pres., Obama has visited Cuba. (D Alert)

— Congress is delaying the payment of $159 (Mill)

— to the PA because of its support for terrorism (Ma’an News)

— On Mar.20 Vice Pres Biden blamed both Israel and the Pals for lacking the will to find peace (Politico)

— 30 Senators are calling for the US to fully fund Israel’s defensive Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arriow 3 interceptor. In 2015 USA contributed $487 (Mill)

— About 3 years ago Pres Obama told the world there is no difference between his daughters and the young Moslem men he met in Ramallah!!!! (Ha’aretz)

— The Obama administration has imposed new sanctions against Iranian defense firms and units of the Revolutionary Guard for their role in supporting the country’s recent ballistic-missile launches.(Wall St J)

— US arms dealer Ratheon will make $9.5 million reciprocal procurements in Israel (Globes)

— USA may use its veto in the UN S. Council to block the sale of Su -30 Russian fighter jets to Iran (Wash. Times)


— A deadly and murderous bomb blast hit Ankara the capital of Turkey on Mar 14, killing at least 27 people and wounding more than 75 (D Alert)

— Turkey is trying to get Israel to allow a floating Gaza seaport in return for normalisation of relations between the two countries (D Alert)

— Israelis have been told to avoid visiting Turkey as there are threats against Israel and Jewish targets (J Post)

— Turkey claims there’s a credible plot to target Jewish children within Turkey (Skey)


— Hizbullah’s ‘bunker-hiding’ leader, Nasrallah, has again threatened to destroy Israeli targets inc. nuclear facilities (Debka)

— Satellite imagery shows that Hizbullah has built a significant base in Syria with tunnels leading back to Lebanon (Stratfor)


— More than 200 militants have recently deserted ISIS in the Raqqa province and joined Syrian rebel groups (Ara News)

— An American tourist was stabbed to death on Mar 8, by a Pal murderer from the West Bank, who was fatally shot (Ynet)

— On April 8, a Palestinian was stabbed to death with his own knife when the ‘victim’ overpowered him (T of I)

— An ISIS defector was caught carrying a ‘memory stick’ showing 22,000 names, addresses and phone numbers of ISIS supporters in many countries!!! Air strikes and economic downturns have allegedly reduced the IS income to a shadow of its former greatness (USA Today)

— A male Pal terrorist and 2 females tried stabbing attacks on Mar 13 and 14 but were unsuccessful (J Post)

— There have been 320 stabbings, shootings and car rammings since last September (Tele.UK)

— 2 Pal men have been shot as they committed terror attacks and 2 Pal boys were arrested for carrying knives (J Post)

— There is a slight drop in Pal support for terror stabbings as they start to realize they are ineffective anyway (Ynet)

— Terror bombing in Brussels leave many dead. Two terrorists killed (Wash Post). IS claims to have trained 400-600 for external attacks on other people, with the aim being to claim more attacks rather than more dead people!! (AP)

— A US source claims IS leaders are being killed at the rate of one every 3 days and many IS militants are refusing to fight (Wash Post)

— A writer points out that there is a World War raging for there are now more countries entangled with Islamists than were involved in the last world war (D Alert)

— A report claims that Al-Qaeda now has Russian made SA 7 shoulder fired surface to air missiles (D Alert)

— 4 East Jerusalem residents have been indicted for trying to join the IS group in Syria and planning terror attacks in Jerusalem (Hayom)

— As the bombing pressure on IS in Mosul increases, dozens of IS men are deserting and fleeing the doomed city (Debka)

— The IDF claims that the Pal terror wave against Israel is decreasing (Ha’aretz)

— Reports say that IS is stepping up activities in the Sinai and Golan even tho its losing some ground elsewhere. One paper suggests that IS attacks on Israel are only a matter of time (Hayom)

— Reports over the past few months indicate that US , French and Australian warships have intercepted shipments to Yemin including 5,500 Kalishnikov rifles, 300 rocket propelled grenade launchers plus a wide variety of other armaments (Wash Post)

— 2 ‘enormously brave’ Pal terrorists who attacked 2 woman, killing one, are receiving a monthly stipend of 750 pounds each with the help of UK aid money!!!! (D Alert)


— Pres Putin shocked the world on Mar 14 when he ordered the start of pulling Russian forces out of Syria immediately (Debka)

(NOTE:A commentator suggests he realizes that the cost to his bankrupt nation is just too great!!)

— A Boeing 737 caught fire and crashed recently in southern Russia killing over 60 people on board (D Alert)

— Pres Putin is boasting that Russia could rebuild its forces in Syria in hours if the need arises! He also boasts Russia saved Assad from defeat!! (Wash Post).

–A report says that Russia has taken some fighter bombers home and replaced them with attack helicopters (D Alert)

— Some Russian media is suggesting that increased weapons sales are resulting following the ‘foray’ into Syria, amounting to 10 times the cost of the Syrian operation. A commentator suggests this may be disimformation to placate the Russian people!! (D Alert)

— A report Mar 31 reveals that Russia, despite talk of removing people and equipment from Syria, has in fact shipped more materials in than out!! (Reuters)

— A report reveals that Russian mercenary forces working with Syrian ground forces have suffered dozens of combat losses (D Alert)


— 7 ‘diggers’ were killed when Egypt flooded a tunnel being dug between Gaza and Egyptian territory (Debka)


— On Mar 9 Iran fired 2 ballistic missiles with “Israel must be wiped out” inscribed on them (T of I)

— A report on Mar 10 reveals that Iran murdered 966 people by execution in 2015 (N York T)

— A report records that Iranian traders are buying large pieces of Syrian real estate (Syrian Observer)

— Iran’s ‘leader’ Khamenei states volubly that missiles are the key to Iran’s future, NOT negotiations (Reuters)

— A report on April 4 reveals that Iranian commando units are now ‘advising’ Syrian gov, forces (Iran TV)

— A report claims that over 220 Iranian soldiers have been killed in Syria since October and 2 senior Hizbullah ‘commanders’ have just been killed near Homs (T of I)


— Fatah and the PA have honoured the Pal murderer of the American tourist Taylor Force, calling him an Islamic martyr. Israel has killed over 200 Pal terrorists in the past 5 months (J Post)

— On Mar 9 Mr Abbas turned down a US peace offer inc an East Jerusalem capital of a future Pal State (JTA)

— A writer confirms that Hamas has dug tunnels into Egypt that are over 3 klms long and large enough to allow trucks to use them. Also he reveals that Gaza is now a weapons exporter (Ynet)

— Another Hamas man was killed in a tunnel collapse east of Gaza City on Mar 14, bringing the total to 12 or more (Ha’aretz)

— A poll shows that 79 % of Pals support the current stabbing attacks against Israelis (Ha’aretz)

— Hamas is short of money and is paying reduced salaries late (D Alert)

— An electronics engineer from Gaza was arrested by Israel for his part in intercepting Israeli Drone transmissions (Debka)

— A report says that Hamas is working hard to convince Egypt it has no hostile intentions toward them, but they fail to succeed (D Alert)

— Yahya Sinwar has emerged as a new hard line leader in Gaza , usurping some of Khaled Mashaal’s powers!! (T of I)

— PA Security Forces spokesman wrote on Facebook on Mar.23 ‘the West has brought a wave of Islamist terrorism on itself as a result of European colonialism’, (T of I)

— A report claims Hamas is pulling forces out of Sinai in an effort to placate Egypt (J Post)

— Thousands of Pal bombers and murderers are still being given ‘reward’ money taken from donated aid. One ‘bomber’ has been given up to $1000,000-00 (D Alert)

— Saeb Erekat Pal Chief negotiator has rejected the idea of restarting the peace talks with Israel unconditionally. He sets a list of demands impossible for Israel to accept (D Alert)

— A report says Hamas uses 1,0000 men to dig tunnels, paying them up to $400 a month out of ‘aid money’ (J Post)


— The Human Rights Council is calling for a data base listing all the businesses operating in the West Bank, an obvious move against Israel (Reuters)

— The UN Commission on the Status of Women condemns Israel for its treatment of Pal women but is reminded that Pal women are murdered and mutilated by their own and stoned to death in Iran for often unproven adultery (Fox)


— Saudi Arabia has set up a $2 (Trillion)

— Public Investment Fund designed to wean the country of oil and popularize other means of providing power (Debka)

— The Saudis have initiated a major campaign to undermine Iran’s ally, Hizbullah(Brookings)


— A Dubai official named Tamim, recently stated that another new Pal State would join the list of all the other failed Arab States. “We should not treat the Jews as our enemies”!! (J Post)

— In 2015, 7,500 Jewish people left Ukraine for Israel, up from 6,000 in 2014 (Vice News)

— The Gulf States say they view Iran as a greater danger than Israel (J Post)


Israel has arrested 6 Hamas members who were planning  the kidnap and murder of Israeli citizens (J Post)
–  There is a sense of fear amongst European Jews causing them to take off their yarmulkes and hide their Star of David necklaces (Ynet)
–  Israel’s 5 th Dolphin class sub arrived in Israel on Jan 12 and Mr Netanyahu points out it will act as a deterrent to those who try to harm Israel (J Post)
–  On Jan 13 the IAF attacked a Pal cell planting explosives on the north Gaza border, killing one Pal (Ynet)
–  The Bank chief of Hapoalim points out  that the plunge in oil prices has prob’ly saved Israel about $5 (Bill) in 2015 compared to 2014 (Globes)
–  With most of the sanctions against Iran being lifted on Jan 15, Israel is showing alarm at the possible outcome (Ynet)
–  A report shows that Israel’s secret trade with Islamic Indonesia is running at hundreds of millions of $ per year (T of I)
–  A report shows that since 20018 Israel has lowered its debt rate by 1.8 %, more than any other country (Globes)
–  Israel’s new Rehav sub can travel underwater at 25 knots and is armored with Israel’s own cruise missiles ((D Alert)
–  Another gas find of approx 8.9 trillion cubic feet, off the Israeli coast, has been announced (T of I)
–  Mr Netanyahu says that if it wasn’t for Israel ‘leading’ the sanctions, Iran would have had nuclear weapons a long time ago (PMO)
–  On Jan 18 a massive sandstorm hit Israel (J Post)
–  Israel  has captured the 16 year old Arab  murderer of the Israeli mother of 6. Dafna Meir (T of I)
–  The IDF Chief of Staff states that Iran is waging a proxy war against Israel through Hizbullah and Hamas, both of which receives tens of millions of $’s from Iran (J Post)
–  Israel official Dore Gold pints out that Israel is NOT totally ‘isolated’ as many claim and they have ties with many Arab states.  Iran is NOT an Arab State and Iraq/Syria is the latter day Assyrian of Micah 4. (J Post  and GPL)
–  A new poll in France shows that up to 40 % of Jews in France wish to emigrate to Israel whilst in Hamburg Germany a Jewish leader says that Jews are  no longer safe there! (J Post)
–  Israel has thwarted a terror attack led by son of Hizbullah’s Nasrallah , who sent him $5,000 for the ‘job’ (Ynet)
–  Israel has officially taken over 380 acres of land in the Jordan Valley (J Post)
–  Israel has been planning trees along the Gaza border to block the view of terrorists wanting to attack various targets (J Post)
–  Israel reports that sales of Cyber related products tops all other countries other than USA (Def. News)
–  Israel’s opposition leader Herzog has asked the French Pres to stop promoting international moves against Israel (Ynet)
–  Israel is reportedly making preparations for a future in which it finds itself in direct confrontation with the Islamic State (IS) terror militia. (J Post)
–  On Jan 24 Israeli jets bombed Gaza targets in response to a rocket fired into Israel (J Post)
–  Israel’s Def. Min is accusing Turkey of selling ISIS oil (BBC)
–  Israel is reported to be equipping its armoured personal carriers with the ‘Trophy’ anti missile prevention system. Most Israeli tanks have the system (T of I)
–  On Jan 31, Mr Netanyahu threatened Hamas with more than extreme violence if  they attacked Israel via new tunnels (D Alert)
–  It is suspected that Israel knew of the US/UK spying on their Air Force video transmissions and chose to ignore it, not considering it to be a dangerous breach of Security (Star)
–  Israel is now making its own deep penetration bombs that can penetrate through over  1.5 meters of double reinforced concrete (T of I)
–  Israel’s Dore Gold has assured the world that Israel will never leave the Golan.(Hayom)
–  30,000 more Pals have received work permits bringing the total to 120,000 (Ha’aretz)
–  Chief of Staff Eisenkot said on Feb 9 the IDF is working in secret to locate and destroy tunnels coming from Gaza. (T of I)
–  Israel’s Elbit systems unveiled its new Seagull unmanned naval vessel capable of firing small torpedoes at submarines as well as detecting and destroying mines.  It can operate continuously for 96  hours (J Post)
–  About 700 Israeli women now serve with the Border Police and one, Hadar Cohen  was shot by a terrorist on Feb 3 (Hayom)

10 American servicemen were arrested by Iran on Jan 12 for straying into Iranian waters but were subsequently released after being interrogated (Al Arbya)
–  Influential American, Elliott Abrams speaks against Obama and speaks of ‘America’s new ally, IRAN’ (D Alert)
–  An American news report says the US has bombed and obliterated 9 depots where IS has deposited countless millions of dollars .  Some foreign ‘fighters’ are deserting after salaries were halved  IS has transferred a lot of its money to a hospital in Mosal. (N York T)
–  USA is to invest $120 (MILL) in Israel’s  tunnel detection system and hopes to use it on its Mexican border. The system detects tunnels tens of meters from the surface (Ynet)
–  A  US drone strike has killed a top al-Qaeda man thought to be an IS leader in Yemen (Reuters)

Turkish tanks and artillery killed 200 IS militants in retaliation for a suicide bombing in Istanbul (Reuters)
–  Israel’s Defence Min speaks of Turkey selling IS oil and making large profits (T of I)

The official spokesman of the Islamic State has declared the formation of a new IS Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus (D Alert)
–  On Feb 3 Russia announced the death of one of their ‘advisers’ in Syria (Reuters)
–  A recent report says that there is a surge in Aliya from Russia as recession hits as a result of low oil prices (Star)

EU Ban ki –Moon calls Israel’s ‘settlement  activity’ an affront to the Pals and to the international community and he quite openly seems to support the Pals in their murder sprees (Hayom)
–  An EU Adviser’s car was stopped recently and found to contain gold bars, jewelry, smart phones and steroids (D Alert)

The Iraqi deaths of people who hate Israel: Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Islamic Iraq/Bablyon between January 2014 and October 2015 — a toll the United Nations calls “staggering” in a new report.  About 3.2 million people were internally displaced, including a million school-aged children. (T of I)

Most Arab states, except Lebanon, have condemned Iran’s meddling in Arab affairs since the Iranian Shi’ite regime took power in 1979 (AP)
–  Iran has denied a report they have removed the core of Arak Heavy  Water reactor and sealed it with cement, and say that China may modify the plant which is capable of producing plutonium for a nuclear weapon (N York T)
–  After the lifting of some sanctions against Iran, USA imposed some new ones against companies and individuals complicit in procuring items for Iran’s missile program (Debka)
–  2 top leaders in Iran, boasting of their capture of 10 US servicemen,said “This is a sign of our might”(Fox News)
–  When oil sanctions were applied to Iran in 2012, oil was at $109-45 Bl….Now when sanctions are being lifted the price is about  $25-00 Bl, meaning a lot lower revenue for Iran!  A report states that the drop in oil prices will cost Iran about the same amount they will gain back from the sanctions relief!!!~  Further, Iran owes about the same amount to China  and others!!  (Wash Post)
–  Iran’s Def. Min trumpets that Iran will continue  to enhance its missile capabilities in defiance of US sanctions  (Iran TV)
–  Iran claims to have established terror groups in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, all promoting armed attacks on ‘the ‘racist Zionist body’ (D Alert)
–  A
writer explains that Iran is totally obsessed with destroying Israel and uses that obsession to make its people forget its failures (Wash Post)
–  Iran’s  Khamenei’s website shows that he thinks the Holocaust never happened (Memri)
–  Even as Iran deaths in Syria continue to rise, Iranian ‘military advisers’ are to serve with Syrian Gov. forces  (Times of Israel)
–  Iran’s leader Khomenei has awarded bravery medals to the head of the Navy and 4 commanders  for their ‘heroic bravery’ in the seizure of 2 US Navy boats (D Alert)
–  Iran is claiming that over $100 ( Bill) in previously frozen assets has been released to them! (Wash Post)
–  Iran’s army commander boasts that its missile program will become stronger and more precise and warns Israel!! (Iran Press)

The PA  leader MR Abbas, has made it clear that the ‘popular intifada’ will continue until the ‘end of the ‘occupation’ and there will be no return to negotiations until the ‘rights’ of the Pals are fully  recognized (Ha’aretz)
–  The PA’s violence campaign has backfired a bit as Israel returns  garrisons to the Bethlehem and Nablus regions and adding checkpoints around Pal towns from whence terrorists have come (Ha’aretz)
–  Israel believes that Hamas has completed all necessary preparation for another war with Israel. but Israel promises annihilation of Hamas in a ‘next war’!! (Ynet)
–  Tawfik Tirawi of the Fatah group assures the world that a Pal state with Jerusalem as its capital is only just a first phase!!( T of I )
–  Pal cleric al-Dari says Islam must conquer the world for the sake of allah!! (Memri)
–  A  report says that Hamas TV is devoting most of its time to encouraging attacks on Israel.  They accompany songs of praise to the ‘martyrs’ murderous attacks (Ynet)
–  Pals have been killed in tunnel collapses caused by heavy rains J Post)
–  Hamas’ Haniyeh said on Jan. 29 they are rebuilding tunnels in preparation for a future conflict with Israel (Ha’aretz)
–  The PA is denouncing Israel’s decision to create a mixed gender prayer section at the Western Wall.  They claim it a  Moslem Holy site (T of I)
–  In another Hamas tunnel collapse,  2 dead and 8 still missing (J Post)
–  An Israeli source claims Hamas is using aid provided for home building to rebuild tunnels  (J Post)
–  A report says that Hamas has built a line of  concrete military posts 500 meters apart , just inside the border fence (Ynet)
–  Mr Abbas is promising to rebuild terrorists homes destroyed by Israel (T I)

Both the PA and Hamas have declared Nashat Milhem a martyr after his killing of 3 people in Tel Aviv (Ynet)
–  Al-Qaeda  has released a video in which it threatens to attack Rome, Naples and  Madrid.  “  The attacks will be everywhere!’”(J Post)
–  The Arab murderer of Dafna Meir, mother  of 6, fled when he could not remove the knife from her body. The 15 year old perp has been captured (J Post)
–  Hamas leader Haniyeh says the present knife intifada is a holy war against the Zionist occupation (Hayon)
–  An 18 year old Pal was killed by the pipe bomb he intended to throw at Border Police when it exploded in his hands on Jan 23 (J Post) 2 Arab girls aged 18 have been arrested after making pipe bombs from instructions on the internet (Ha’aretz)
–  Residents on the southern border with Gaza are complaining of underground noise indicating tunnel boring by Hamas (J Post)
–  IS has declared the formation of a new IS Governorate in Russia’s north Caucusas  (D Alert)
–  2 suicide bombers killed 60 people in a Shi’ite Mosque in Damascus on Jan31  (T of I)
–  A Pal Police Officer was sot dead on Jan 31, after wounding 3 Israeli soldiers.  The Pal Police announced the operation and death with great pride ! (Ha’aretz)
–  At a PA funeral the leader shouted ‘its time to machine gun, kill 500 people (Jews)’ (T OF I)
–  An Israeli border police-woman Hadar Cohen,  was killed and another wounded by 3 Pal terrorists on Feb. The Pals were shot dead As well 2 teenage Arab girls were arrested after stabbing a security officer (J Post)
–  Father of terrorist who murdered Israeli Policewoman celebrates Son’s martyrdom (D Alert)
–  After an Israeli soldier was stabbed in Ashkelon, another soldier chased the attacker for 2 Ks before shooting him dead (T of I)
–  A report says that IS is facilitating the delivery of weapons ordered by Hamas thro Bedouin, but taking up to 20 % of the weapons for  themselves (Imra)
–  A recent video shows Iranian backed Shia militia using an M1 US made Abrams tank, no doubt part of an Iraqi weapons array (D Alert)
–  On Feb 9 a Pal woman tried to stab  Police Officers in the Old City and a young Pal girl was apprehended carrying a knife in a West Bank settlement (J Post)

ISIS fighters who fled from their failed  defence of Ramadi to Mosul, were publicly burned alive in Mosul’s Town square.(Fox News)
–  A writer speaking of the young men fighting with ISIS says they want money, guns and respect as murderers and not ideology (N york T)
–  Research shows that up to 42,000 Moslems served with the German SS during the last war and had a great part in killing Jews and Christians in Bosnia, Serbia, Greece and Russia (T of I)
–  An ISIS captive says he was instructed to catch Jews and behead them shouting ‘allahu akba’ (Ynet)
–  A report shows that IS has cut ‘fighters’  pay package by half , as income drops (J Post)

Hizbullah is claiming that Russia is arming it with missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons  The report is being dismissed by some as ‘disinformation’(Daily Beast)
–  An internat. operation has shut down a  Hizbullah drug sales operation funding Hiz. weapons for their Syria operation (CNN)

A recent report says that scores of Gov troops and IS militants have been killed in violent clashes in east Syria (J Post)

Libya is being seen as a safe haven for IS operatives and as a stepping stone to Europe (Wall St J)



January 2016 summary


Whilst Mr Netanyahu rejects Mr Trumps remarks about allowing Moslems into the US, he agrees to meet any Pres. hopeful (PMO)

— Pres. hopeful Donald Trump still has 35 % support of the Republican voters following his anti Islam remarks, with 64 % saying they are NOT offended by his remarks (T of I)

— Pres Obama claims IS has not been able to launch a major offensive since 2014 and the US and partners have killed several senior IS leaders (L A Times)

— On Dec 16 the House of Reps. voted 425-0 to sanction Banks knowingly handling transactions with Hizbullah (The Hill)

— It has been revealed that US troops are taking on a larger combat role in Afghanistan and are being deployed in Syria and in Cameroon (N York T)

— The U.S. Treasury Department is preparing to impose financial sanctions on nearly a dozen companies and individuals in Iran, Hong Kong and the UAE for their role in developing Iran’s ballistic missile program. (Wall St J)

— 7 Democrats are calling on Pres. Obama to impose new sanctions on individuals and entities in Iran following its recent ballistic missile tests (D Alert)



There has been further confirmation of the success of the Arrow 3 anti missile system which is designed to destroy intercontinental missiles in their launch phase (T of I)

— Israel has announced the successful and final testing of their David’s Sling missile defence system, designed to shoot down rockets with ranges of 100 to 200 km (63 to 125 miles), aircraft or low-flying cruise missiles. It will be operational in 2016 (Debka)

— It is reported that Israeli rockets fired in eastern Damascus, have killed Samir Quntar, a nasty piece of work who killed a little Israel child by bashing its head in with a rifle butt (Debka)

— Mr Netanyahu pointed out on Dec 15 that 75 % of the Pals reject the 2 State plan and 80 % support continual stabbings of Israelis (Ha’aretz)

— Israeli forces shelled south Lebanon on Dec 20 after at least 3 rockets were fired into Israel. (T of I)

— The head of the David’s Sling missile program says this is the first time such technology has been used…’its like something out of science fiction’ (J Post)

— New figures show migration to Israel in 2015 as….France. 7900…..Russia 6000…..Ukraine, 6848….USA, 2940. The overall total of new arrivals reached 30,000(T of I)

— More Christians are joining the IDF. There are about 165,000 Christian Arabs in Israel (J Post)

— An Israeli company is to launch its first solar powered UAVs, with a thousand klms radius and which can stay aloft for 5 years. (D Alert)

— Mr Netanyahu points out the difference between Israel and the Arabs. Israel rejects terrorism whilst the Arabs encourage it and incites towards it (J Post)

— Disgraced former Israeli PM to go to gaol for 18 moths. (T of I)

— Israel’s Education Member urges annexation the West Bank. We’ve done similar twice before (T of I)

— The Barak 8 missile system developed by Israel/India, is designed to protect naval ships and offshore gas rigs from hostile aircraft, missiles and rockets, has successfully passed several tests (J Post)

— Mr Netayahu whilst recently speaking of the ’brave’ murderous Islamic Arab that killed the humble gardener at the Cave of the Patriarchs on December 30, assured the Arabs that Israel is there to stay “You cannot defeat us” (D Alert)

— Israeli officials say they recently discovered a truck carrying armor plates to Gaza and confiscated the load (T of I)

— Between 1980 and 2014, life expectancy in Israel increased from 74.1 to 82.4 years and GNI per capita increased from $14,498 to $30,676 Jewish population in Israel reached 6.335 million at the end of 2015. Over the past year, 176,700 babies were born and 28,000 new immigrants came to the country. 25% of the new immigrants came from France, 24% from Ukraine, 23% from Russia and 9% from the U.S. (Globes)

— The IDF searched a home in the Hebron area and found weaponry, munitions and a rocket launcher (J Post)

— A report shows that Israel’s economy is expanding at 2.3 %, which is better than a lot of other countries (D Alert)



On Dec 7 Israel released news of a thwarted terror plot last summer for 60 Pal terrorists to exit a tunnel near Sderot and kill maim or take captive many Israelis. 4 Israeli soldiers were killed in the action (Hayom)

— The IDF is accusing Hamas of allowing snipers to the Gaza/Israeli border, following multiple attacks (Imra)

— On the night of Dec. 22, the IDF arrested 17 Pals in the West Bank and seized rifles and combat gear (T of I)

— The Israel Security Service uncovered a large Hamas terror cell comprised mostly of Pal students from Al Quds Uni. suspected of preparing terror attacks in Israel (T of I)

— There have been 20 Israelis killed in the current knife attacks and 80 Pals have been shot dead (Wash Post)

— More Pal knife attackers were shot dead on Dec 27/28 and one arrested. (D Alert)

— Thousands of young men like being terrorists because suddenly they are people to be feared and they are paid well. Terrorism will never cease until the source of funds to activate it are destroyed (GPL)

— A German journo says that the only army IS fears is the Israeli army (J Post)

— Late Dec a Hamas cell controlled from Gaza, was discovered in East Jerusalem. Information gleaned showed that Hamas is planning to resume suicide bombing attacks against Israelis (T of I)

— An Israeli soldier was killed in a shooting attack in Hebron on Jan 3 and 2 Israelis were killed by an Arab-Israeli Neshat Melham in a shooting attack at a Tel Aviv pub on Jan 1. Melham also killed an Arab taxi driver during his escape from the scene . Melham was later located and killed(Ha’aretz)

— A writer points out that Islam is surrounding Israel from the north, the east and the south, whilst Iran helps Hamas etc, in the west, to rebuild rocket stocks to enable new attacks on Israel (D Alert)

— Hamas and Fatah’s new calls for more violence against Israel shows they now have nothing to offer the Pals but violence and death (Gatestone)

— 4 Pals were shot dead on Dec 31 as they tried to attack Israeli soldiers (J Post)



It was announced on Dec 30 that Russia will deliver 46 ‘navalised’ attack helicopters to Egypt, A skeptic suggests that Egypt will never be able to pay for them (D Alert)

— Egypt’s new Ambass Hazem Khairat was welcomed in Israel on January 3, after a 3 year absence of Ambass. (D Alert)



Turkey is showing renewed interest in warming relations with Israel now that their Russian relationship turns sour. Pres Erdogan now says that Turkey and Israel ‘need’ each other!!!(J Post)

— Turkey claims to be building a modern aircraft carrier to be in service 20121 (Daily Beast)



Iran is racing ahead to fulfill demands which will allow it to regain Millions of $ of sanctions money, but also increasing its belligerent activities thro terrorism, and daring the west to respond (D Alert)

— A report shows Iran in a 7 year drought with 70 % of its groundwater depleted over the last 50 years!!! (N. York T)

— A writer reveals that Iran withdrew Rev. Guard troops from Syria and sent them to Iraq after disagreements with Russia (D Alert)

— With ‘tongue in cheek’, Iran is demanding ‘damages’ from USA for various US actions dating back to 1953. (TV-Iran)

— Oil prices at $37 bill are a headache to Iran’s budget as their oil income plunges. As well, dust storms and severe water shortages cause enormous problems (Wall S J)

— On Jan 5 Iran TV showed a storage facility of weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads (Reuters)



A writer again points out that Russia’s grand plans in Syria are a failure. He points out too that Iran has withdrawn more than half its forces (D Alert)

— Russian forces now total about 5000 in Syria but with underpaid Syrian forces tired of the war, ‘things’ are not going well’ (Defence News)

— A report says that Russia has positioned 10 of its 89 satellites over Syria. USA has 400 satellites. (Daily Beast)

— A Russian airstrike near Damascus, has killed Zahran Alloush, a top commander in the Army of Islam, a group which opposes Pres. Assad (N Y T)

— The Iranian and Hizbullah leaderships are starting to know that Russia’s priority is to save Assad’s regime, not to protect Iran’s interests. (D Alert)

— (NOTE: Also Russia‘s military is testing new weapons and practising assault tactics in a cheap war where the opposition hardly counts anyway (GPL)



An Egyptian scholar points out that the Al Aqsa mosque did not exist in Mahommed’s day and Jerusalem had no mosques. He says that the present emphasis on the Al Aqsa mosque is a political game (Memri)

— A report claims that IS has deliberately executed at least 5,000 Yazidi men and sold 7,000 Yazidi women as sex slaves (Gatestone)

— The leader of IS, Abu Baghdadi, again threatens Israel by claiming ‘Palestine’ will be their graveyard. Such threats have been repeated over and over for nearly a century, but Israel thrives whilst Islamic Arabs wallow in misery. ( L A Times)

— IS in Sinai is now receiving millions of dollars in aid from various sources and is calling for action against Israel!! (Ynet)

— Defectors from IS reveal corruption, disgust over the slave trade, brutality and battlefield errors causing many unnecessary deaths (D Alert)

— A Report shows that the IS affiliate, Sinai Province, with at least 1,000 men, now has all the weapons a militant group could wish for and is becoming a formidable threat to the south of Israel (D Alert)

— A recent report suggests that, even if IS is defeated, it paves the way for a total take-over by the Shi’ites of the nations between Lebanon and Iran (D Alert)

— A writer points out that most Islamic states and associations look on Christmas as unholy and in some states, attempting to celebrate Christmas may bring imprisonment (N York T)



A report claims that Hizbullah has lost up to 1500 dead in fighting to support Pres Assad’s power in Syria (T of I)

— A report out of Lebanon suggests Hizbullah is in financial strife and failed to pay Nov. and Dec. salaries (T of I)

— On Jan 4 Hizbullah, testing Israel, detonated a large explosive device on the Israeli border, which caused no serious damage (J Post)



A report tells of Jordanian refusal to allow Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal to visit..”He is unwelcome here” (Meid)



Whilst there is a large support in Britain for the BDS activity against Israel, imports of Israeli goods almost doubled to $4 (Biil) in 2014



Saudi Arabia is forming a coalition of 35 governments to battle terrorism (Meid)

— Saudi is reeling from low oil prices and has raised electricity, fuel and gas prices whilst continuing the leading of a coalition fighting the war in Yemen, bankrolling rebels in Syria and sending money to prop up the Sisi regime in Egypt. (UK Fin T)

— Saudi has executed 47 people, amongst whom was the Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, thus further enraging Iran. Some al-Qaeda linked Sunnis were also executed (BBC)

— Saudi has broken diplomatic ties with Iran following the sacking of the Saudi Embassy building in Teheran, but there has been widespread M/East condemnation of Iran’s interference in the region (Al Arabiyia )

— China, Saudi’s largest oil customer, is losing patience with Saudi support of Chinese militants. Also Turkey reports that the majority of jihadists crossing into Syria to join IS, are Chinese (Asia Times)



As Hamas goes broke and cannot pay its civil servants, they plan to ‘pay them’ by giving them parcels of former Israeli settlement land (Gatestone)

— A recent poll shows that 49 % of Pals support attacks on Israelis whilst only 36 % oppose (D Alert)

— A report says that Hamas has been sending thousands of dollars to the IS in Sinai,converting a rag tag group of militants into an aggressive well trained army (Ynet)

— Hamas boasting of terror and rocket attacks on Israel shows the force of the hatred with which Israel has to deal with daily (Hayom)

— Chairman Abbas has been accused of corruption by some officials in his own admin. (J Post)

— As Hamas concentrates on preparing for its next war with Israel, the list of materials confiscated at crossings into Gaza reveals a startling array of products needed for Hamas to create rockets. (Ynet)

— The PA tries to get IS to ATTACK Israel but forgets that if that happens, IS will undoubtedly attack them too!! (D Alert)

— PA Security official al-Damirir tells children the way to succeed in ‘revolution with Israel is to ‘water it with (Jewish)

— blood’ (D Alert)

— A writer examining Pal leadership motives concludes that an overwhelming majority of Pals support an armed campaign against Israel and want to see it destroyed (Gatestone)

— 3 men from a Hamas ‘cell’ have been indicted for planning to kill PM Netanyu Six Hamas members have been arrested for planning to kidnap Israelis (Ynet)



The French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaul, accompanied by Belgian and German support vessels, is report to be striking IS targets from the Persian Gulf (D Alert)

— “Christians’ in Bethlehem are now a tiny minority and have had to cancel Christmas celebrations following threats from Moslems (D Alert)

— A report claims Pakistan has vowed to wipe Iran off the map if it makes any move to harm Saudi Arabia (Debka)



January 21, 2016

Analysis of News Reports, by Harold E. Lafferty

A news post entitled, “ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Threatens Israel with new Holocaust as IDF Prepares for Islamic State (IS) Attack from Egypt,” was published on December 29th in The Daily Mail (UK).

The self-proclaimed caliph released a 23 minute audio message on Saturday, December 26th, his first in about seven months. In his diatribe, he threatened Israel, and mocked the enemies of the Islamic State.

In it he said that “ISIS has not forgotten Israel,” and vowed to expand the caliphate to “Palestine” soon. He said, “The Jews thought we forgot Palestine and that they had distracted us from it. Not at all, Jews; we did not forget Palestine for a moment. With the help of Allah, we will not forget it…. The pioneers of the jihadist fighters will surround you on a day that you think is distant and we know is close. We are getting closer every day.” “You will never find comfort in Palestine, Jews. Palestine will not be your land or your home, but it will be a graveyard for you,” he declared.

He also used specifically anti-Semitic language about an imminent, new holocaust. He said that Allah had gathered the Jews in Palestine so that it would be easier for Muslims to kill them: “God (he means Allah) caused the Jews of the world to gather in Palestine, and the war against them has become easy. It is the obligation of every Muslim to carry out jihad. Jews, you will not enjoy (sic) in Palestine. God has gathered you in Palestine so that the Mujahadeen can reach you soon and you will hide by the rock and the tree.” It was a direct reference to words from the Koran (Quran) about the final battle against the Jews.

In the audio message, the ISIS leader harshly criticized Saudi Arabia that recently formed a Muslim coalition to fight against Islamic State in Arab states. “They announced lately a coalition falsely called ‘Islamic,’ and announced its goal is to fight the Caliphate. If it was an Islamic coalition, it would have declared itself free from its Jewish and Crusader lords, and made the killing of the Jews and the liberation of Palestine its goal,” al-Baghdadi said. He called upon Saudi citizens to rise against the monarchy and its “apostate tyrants.”

The leader of the self-proclaimed caliphate also mocked the U S coalition that attempts to defeat ISIS by airstrikes. “Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well. The more intense the war against it, the purer it becomes and the tougher it gets,” he said.

Al- Baghdadi’s threats against Israel, and the specific language he used to warn an attack on the Jewish state is not far away could be related to what is happening in the Sinai Peninsula at Israel’s southern border  with Egypt.

Israeli Middle East expert Ronen Bergman, who has connections within the Israeli intelligence services, published an analysis about Wilayat Sinai this weekend. Wilayat Sinai is the ISIS branch in Egypt; Bergman reported that the organization is growing stronger all the time and now possesses advanced weapons.

“My instincts tell me the downing of the Russian plane [in the Sinai], recently was a terrorist attack. And if it indeed turns out that Ansar Bait el Maqdis (ABAM – meaning “supporters  of the holy house”) was behind it, we are talking about an incident with wide strategic significance. It proves that ISIS leader (Abu Bakr) al-Baghdadi has the ability to operate through satellite organizations not only in Iraq, but also in Syria, Lebanon, Africa and now in Sinai. If it’s true, he succeeded in a very short time in terms of preparing and executing an operation, in taking revenge against the Russians for the war they are waging in Syria.

“If that is the case, his ability and his organization’s ability is much higher than we thought.”

In November, 2014, ABAM changed its name to ISIS in the Sinai, while still holding its original identity as “supporters of the holy house,” meaning al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

This ideology brings more credence to the notion that the ultimate goal of ISIS and all its branches has as its ultimate goal the conquest of Israel and Jerusalem.

Indeed, its first change of name from Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (meaning Syria) or ISIS, to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, came when al-Baghdadi realized that the original name did not include Israel, but that the Jewish State would be indicated if the name included the word, “Levant,” which comprehends Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Sinai Peninsula – all of which are the land of the sun’s rising (Levant relating to levitation, or lifting up, of the sun), and all of which are in ISIS’ sights.

In addition, ISIS has a small presence in southern Syria near the Golan Heights but it has not yet been active against Israeli targets. If it does launch rockets into Israeli territory or attempts to infiltrate the Golan Heights, says the author, “ISIS knows that the Israeli Air Force will respond with greater force than that used in the surgical strikes carried out by the U. S. and its coalition partners (in Syria). ”

A German journalist named Jurgen Todenhofer spent a short time with ISIS forces in Mosul recently, writing of his experiences in a book when he returned. He says “They think they can defeat U.S. and British ground troops who they say have no experience in urban warfare or terrorist strategies…. But they know that the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting guerillas and terrorists. They told me the Israeli army is the real danger. ‘We can’t defeat them with our current strategy. These people (the Israeli army) can fight a guerilla war.’”


Conclusion:  We continue to view with intense interest this evolution of a powerful, wily Islamic force based primarily in the territory of ancient Assyria (Syria and Iraq).  And even though the privately expressed view of some members of ISIS is that Israel is a foe beyond their present capability to fight successfully, the wealth of ISIS which is enormous, can soon acquire for them the weapons that they deem necessary to defeat Israel.

We are assured of the survival of Israel, however, and have no fear whatever that ISIS’ expectations might bear fruit.

Again, we view this entire episode as an highly likely fulfillment of the remarkable prophecy of Micah 5, which points to an end time “Assyrian” attack on Israel (only possible since 1948) in great force, and its defeat, hands-down and complete, by One Whom we know to be the LORD Jesus Christ. That can only come about by His return to the earth in the Second Advent.


January 21, 2016.

The world news yesterday morning focused on a drastic dip in the US stock market – one in which the Dow Industrials are down over 3% for the day.

We feel constrained to make a few comments.

On September 24, 2014, we published an article entitled, “Rosh Hashana and the Shemitah Year in Israel.”

A portion of the text of that article is recorded as background for this commentary regarding the Shemitah Year just closed:

“Observers have noted that during the last forty years there are five turning points marking the seven year periods beginning with 1973, as noted above – a Shemitah year, and the year of Israel’s Yom Kippur War. It was the last of four [correction: last of three – Ed.] major conflicts of Israel, and decimated the Arab attackers, giving Israel some breathing room.

“Nineteen eighty was a Shemitah year when nothing notable seemed to happen; 1987 and 1994 elapsed with no seemingly important events. 

“However, in 2001, two enormously important events occurred. Near the end of Shemitah, the twin towers were brought down by terrorist-flown aircraft at the end of the fourth Shemitah, on September 11, 2001. This event was building toward another great fall, and resulted in the massive collapse of the stock markets the next day on the anniversary of Shemitah in 2001, 29 Elul.

“Then, in 2008, a greater stock market crash occurred – again on 29 Elul – at the exact date and hour of the one that had occurred seven years earlier! How remarkable is that?

“The people of the United States are now in a panic, having lost trillions of dollars in wealth; the US downward spiral increases in intensity; is it heading for the ultimate disaster?

“As noted above, the next Shemitah year begins today, September 24, 2014 at sunset in Jerusalem. It ends on September 13, 2015, the date when significant things usually happen. Will this third Shemitah bring an even more serious disaster?

“What will occur on the next date, 29 Elul?

“This Shemitah year also coincides with two of the four blood moons of the current cycle, the next two of which fall within the Shemitah year. What significance does this have?

“In scripture, one of the signs of judgment is the darkening (eclipse) of the sun, but not every one (of these) is significant, of course!

“There will be a total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, which is 29 Adar – precisely in the middle of the four Blood Moons of this current cycle! It marks clearly that day of nullification at the end of Shemitah!

“It could be important – it certainly is a remarkable “coincidence” – that on the very day that the huge television mast was added to the top of the new World Trade Center skyscraper to make it the tallest building in the US, there was a SOLAR eclipse. The last time a solar eclipse happened on 29 Elul, the stock market crashed on Black Monday, 1987.

“Many observers are speculating openly that the US is closing in on a “great shaking” in these coming days, saying that it almost certainly will affect the economy, the financial realms, and the agricultural production, causing a failure of infrastructure and services, and perhaps a famine of some proportion.

“On another point which may be very important: as shown above, the seventh Shemitah of a cycle ends at the beginning of the Jubilee year. That time is concerned with restoring, getting back to the land, and the erasure of debt.

“It is important to realize that the beginning of the end-time Restoration of Israel occurred just after the end of the Shemitah year of 1917 – on November 2nd – in the beginning days of that Jubilee year: restoration begins seriously in that year!

“Seven Shemitas later, in 1967, the next Jubilee is marked by Israel’s return to Jerusalem on June 7th – just months after the end of the Shemita year.

“Perhaps the most important feature of this essay is that the end of the current seven Shemita cycles begins with sunset today in Jerusalem – which is noon in Washington DC!

“We believe the “mystery of Shemitah” is relevant to virtually every significant thing that is coming upon the world, or has come upon it, as verified by all the incidents given in the text of this article. Everyone has to make up his own mind as to the veracity of this proposal, but if anything is proven by fulfillment of key “seasons” it surely looks likely! One thing is certain: the notion is not a wild-eyed fantasy cooked up by some crazy futurist or other prognosticator. It has abundant substantiation for its veracity.”    <HEL 9N>  ~2200 words. Editor’s Note: Although the information in this article is believed to be from a reliable source, and accurate as to dates, due to the time factor not every date has been verified at the time of publication. September 24, 2014.


The events referred to above have now passed into history. Were our expectations borne out?

Not entirely; not yet.

The expectation of a huge stock market decline happened about a week prior to Elul 29, but nothing significant happened on that day or the one following.

Now we are at the 20th of January. 2016 – about four months later. During the last several days the stock market has declined sharply. As we write these notes, the Dow Jones Industrial average is down approximately 500 points, or nearly three percent on the day. (Later in the day it closed at just under 300 points down.) To date the market has declined about ten percent from its high late in December.

We are informed that this sharp decline is due to the collapse of oil prices – now down into the $27 per barrel range, an eventuality completely unexpected even six months ago. One city in the south of the US is reported to be selling gasoline priced below fifty cents per gallon!

The collapse in oil prices is due directly to the innovations in crude oil recovery, especially the practice of “fracking.”

This process releases oil from the abundant oil shales – rock formations underlying huge swaths of several countries and even continents – with the prospect of a crude oil oversupply for decades to come.

One would think this would be a beneficial effect upon the world economy in general; but it is not so. The glut of oil means that many marginal oil producers will go out of business, close their doors, and place their employees on furlough – none of which helps the general economy.

This economic disaster, along with the political disasters which are concurrent (such as the wildly spreading factor of Islamic terrorism to nearly twenty countries of the world), engenders fear and trepidation in the hearts of anyone who is really paying attention to world affairs.

We wonder whether the extreme dip in crude oil prices will quell the generalized terrorist activities in any marked way. Russia is suffering greatly from this price drop; petroleum products are Russia’s chief export.

Iran, having reached an extremely flawed agreement with the Allies, has 50 million gallons of crude sitting in ships in the Persian Gulf ready to be sold on the world market – an additional downward nudge to the price of crude oil. The Gulf States seem to be forging ahead with oil production, low as the price is, for they have no other source of revenue.

The US is at present involved heavily in an upcoming presidential election cycle. That activity is paramount in the minds of many (most?) of its citizens, causing their attention to be diverted from more important events.

As we see them, one of the most important of these events involves a “sleeper” nation on the world stage (which is not really a “sleeper” at all), the nation of Israel, and its role in events to come.

As it has developed, the entire movement of Islamic terrorism has evolved either centrally or peripherally around the presence of the Jewish nation now established in its own land. It is the one unifying factor in an ocean of Islamic controversy and disagreement; the only solidifying factor in Islam is their common goal of destroying Israel!

Meanwhile, Muslims kill Muslims by the thousands. Israel is left relatively unscathed as the internecine strife of Sunni versus Shia Muslims rages in many venues in the Middle East.

The stock market corrections which we expected as noted in the quoted text above, have come to pass. Although the unemployment rate has fallen to its current level of 5%, this figure does not account for the millions of persons who have simply given up looking for work and are subsisting by other means. The “real” figure, we are told, is closer to 10% of persons who are able to work who don’t have work.

Terrorist activity has markedly increased in the time that has elapsed since those earlier comments, striking fear and loathing in the hearts of much of the world population.

Germany now seems to regret its allowance of over a million Muslim “refugees” inside its boundaries, as many of them are criminal of the first order. The massacre of Paris late last year promises to be repeated again in the near future. The US authorities are investigating ISIS cells in every one of the fifty states at the present time.

So the general outlook continues to decline sharply.

And we steadily draw nearer to 2017-18 – the termination of SEVENTY YEARS from the budding of the Fig Tree (the nation of Israel).

At the present time, we can only hope that this period is the one nominated by the Lord Jesus Who said, Matthew 24:32 – Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: 33  So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. 34  Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.   Commentary by Harold E. Lafferty


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