By Author and international speaker Don Pearce (Rugby UK)



Genesis Chapter 1 – the foundation stone

The creation account is the very foundation stone of God’s Word. Break-up that foundation and the rest of the building that has been erected on it, crumbles to the dust. The incredible speed at which a believer’s faith in the Word of God can be destroyed is often amazing, if they reject the veracity of the early chapters of Genesis. Yet this shows how intertwined the whole Bible is with this chapter in particular and what flows on in the following chapters. Here God reveals Himself as a God of action. He commanded, it happened – as we see echoed in the miracles Jesus and the disciples performed. If God took billions of years, then the whole power of these statements of God speaking and the result happened is meaningless. If God did take billions of years, why did He not state this?  Why does it not begin with something along these lines?

Long, long ago God caused a big burst of power which over a long period of time caused the earth and the sun and moon to be formed. Over long periods of time life gradually began to emerge. First simple life then bigger and better creatures and eventually man himself.pillar

The Creation account is one of power, action, things happening in an ordered, structured way, and is the complete opposite to the sentiments of an explosive Big Bang and billions of years of gradual change. No amount of human sophistry can say that the Genesis account here can be reconciled with the evolutionary ideas, even if chance is removed from the equation and a God is inserted into the evolutionary theories. It makes no sense (from an evolutionary viewpoint)  to have the sun, moon and stars being formed on the 4th day – whatever length we choose to make a day –after the plants of the “3rd day”.

The rest of scripture elegantly shows us that the thinking of man is in opposition to God. The beliefs of the true Israelite were totally different from those of the nations around. We see demonstrated time and time again what happened when the beliefs of the nations intruded into the beliefs of the Jews. Idolatry was and still is the false understanding by those who did not and still today do not, accept the revelation of Israel’s God. Evolution is today’s idolatrous, man-based thinking. So don’t be surprised when there are challenges to your minority view, thus has it ever been.

So let’s examine again this wonderful account given by the eyewitness to this stupendous work – God himself.

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