Brother Mark O’Grady is a Bible Student from Tawa NZ.

This page has been created to assist those searching for the full list of studies he presented while on the tour.

This page will be updated as the videos are produced.

Whatshan Lake Bible School 2016

Solomon and his Cabinet

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

Below is the itinerary.

June 2: Study Evening at LYE

Theme: The Drama Of Israel’s Restoration.

1: Saving the tents of Judah Part 1

2: I will send you Elijah the prophet – Part 2

June 3: Rugby 



June 5: Mumbles Christadelphian Bible Class

Waiting for His Son from Heaven – Exhortation from Thessalonians

Juns 6: Newark Christadelphians Bible Class

The Ten Plagues and their scriptural significance today.


June 7: Coventry Grosvenor rd  Bible Class

Ezekiel’s temple and its moral impact for today.


June 9: Daventry Study

Theme: The Power of Daniel’s prophecies

1: Unlocking the book of Daniel


2: The Ancient of Days and 4 terrible beasts.


June 10: Daventry

Exhortation & public lecture.


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