The Bible contains many prophecies, it is claimed that at least 1/3 of the combined old and new testaments are prophecy related.

God has a lot to say about his future plans for this Earth which he created and it is clear from his record of dealings with the kingdoms of men that this is not restricted to just old testament times but prophecies related to the ‘end-times’ are to be found throughout scripture. (Consider Dan 2)

God is a loving God and is ‘not willing that any should perish’ – so it makes perfect sense that he would provide a vision for those who are seeking him, for it is said, ‘without vision the people perish’

This is as true in our time as it has ever been. We can interpret through prophecies such as that of Daniel 2 that we are indeed in the latter days, the framework has been set for the greatest event that will ever take place on the earth – the return of the Christ (Messiah) and the establishment of God’s kingdom with Christ as King over the whole Earth – that the scriptures may be fulfilled.

Before this event, the world stage will be set, regardless of man’s ideas and ideals, the nations will be aligned in preparation for the great battle of Armageddon.

All Nations associated with Israel _ God’s chosen nation, will be in attendance, and we see this beginning to happen’ NOW’.

Unsurprisingly, Britain has a role to play, the UK was instrumental in the establishment in 1948 of the new Jewish state called ‘ISRAEL’ and will have a role to play in the near future in opposing the great northern confederacy that shall descend upon the mountains of Israel that will be the catalyst for the great day of reckoning.

Browse some of the posts below to see the overwhelming evidence demonstrating the role of Britain.

We live in fearful and frightening times but exciting times also…..

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