Today we reached the final chapter of the Bible where the angel says to John who received and wrote up this vision, “These words are trustworthy and true. And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.” [22 v.6]  This is ‘soon’ as God sees time, for, as Peter wrote, “one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” [2nd Peter 3 v.8] – so we are now completing the 2nd day, as God sees timesince his Son walked on this earth.

We ponder the possible significance of “the third day” when Israel were in the wilderness!  “On the morning of the third day there were thunders and lightnings … and a very loud trumpet blast, so that all the people in the camp trembled.” [Exod. 19 v.16]

John is told, “”Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil …”  [v.10,11].  There is more evil and godlessness than ever these days.  But let us specially note the next words, “… and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.” Let us redouble our efforts to be among those who do that.

The next verse announces, ” “Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense (reward) with me, to repay each one for what he has done.” [v.12]  Those counted as holy “have the right to the tree of life” [v.14]  This is the tree from which Adam and Eve were barred – see Gen 3 v.22-24.

Back in Revelation we see how v.15 lists those barred from the tree of life; the list ends with “… and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.” Our world abounds with people who do that – although many go to great lengths so this is not too evident: may we not be inclined to practice this – in any way at all.

Let us – each day – have in the forefront of our minds the words “Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.” [v.7]  Prophecy does not simply mean, predictions of the future, but a ‘prophet is one who talks and teaches about the words of God (see 1 Cor. 14 v.5, 22, 37)

Finally, we again quote v.11 “Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.”  May we all be “righteous” and “holy” – for there is no ‘middle’ way – becoming more conscious than ever that we are “blessed” when we “keep” on the narrow way and that our daily reading and meditation on God’s word is an essential foundation to enable us to “still be holy.”

By Bro D.Caudery

22 v.16 – Here Jesus describes himself as a star. Surely this refers, amongst other things, back to Isa.60:3, demonstrating not only that Gentiles would come to visit the infant Jesus led by his star, but also that all Gentiles can come freely to the light of the gospel which is revealed in him. Num.24:17, Matt.2:2-10, Luke 1:78, 2Pet.1:19.

21:9  The angel mentioned here now has a more enjoyable job. Before – Rev 15:1,6,7 – came with judgments. Now he is to show the ‘bride’. The judgments of God will end in a glorious age.
21:9  The angel mentioned here now has a more enjoyable job. Before – Rev 15:1,6,7 – came with judgments. Now he is to show the ‘bride’. The judgments of God will end in a glorious age.
Rev 21:2 The vision from this high mountain contrasts with that vision which the flesh presented to Jesus – Luke 4:5 –  and doubtless is the vision which helped Jesus resist the temptation to take the kingdom at that time. Do we have a vision which helps us in our battle against sin?

21 v.10 – Jesus was taken up into a high mountain and shown all the kingdoms of the world [Matthew 4:8]. However he resisted the temptation. He, ‘for the joy that was set before him‘ [Hebrews 12:2] resisted the temptation because he could see from this mountain spoken of in Revelation 21:10. Visions of the kingdom are a great antidote to temptations.

ch. 22 – The culmination of the purpose of God. A review of the Old Testament quotations in this chapter shows how many of the strands of the purpose of God are drawn together. Thus it can be seen that any elements of what we call ‘first principles’ actually relate to the consummation of all things.


21:10carried me … to a great and high mountain … cityEze 40:2
21:12the gates … names … tribes of IsraelEze 48:31
21:13east three gatesEze 48:32
21:13north three gatesEze 48:31
21:13south three gatesEze 48:33
21:13west three gatesEze 48:34
21:15reed to measureEze 40:22
21:15to measure … the gateEze 40:6
21:15wallEze 40:5
21:21the … gatesEze 48:31

And so the temple which Ezekiel saw forms the basis for what John was shown. John is shown that this temple Ezekiel saw forms a pattern of the glorified saints. Truly the ‘house of David’ which is made up of people.

22:2the tree of lifeGen 2:9
22:3And there shall be no more curseZech 14:11

Drawing together the narrative of the ‘fall’ and the final words of the Old Testament we have the plan of God set out simply and yet comprehensively.



21:6I will give to him that is athirst … waterIsa 55:1
21:7I will be his … and he shall be my son2Sam 7:14

And so all of these wonderful things that God is willing to give to the faithful are based on promises that he made to David – as seen in the quotation from 2 Samuel 7:14. Notice how tie passage in Isaiah 55 continues also to speak of the ‘sure mercies of David’.

 22:14 “right to the tree of life” The “right ” is the authority granted them. The Greek word exousia 1849 denotes both authority and privilege. That which was deprived Adam and Eve (Gen 3:22-24) is now made available to the Elect.


21:15 The measuring of the city with a reed contrasts with the last measuring of the temple (Rev 11:1). Here it is a time of blessing, in Rev 11:1  it was a time of judgement.

22:2 Whereas here “in the midst of the street” of the city is the provision for healing in Deut 13:16 when a city was taken from Israel’s enemies all the spoil was to be laid out in the “midst of the street”. What a contrast. The city is now free of all that polluted it and so it is a place of blessing.

The first eight verses of Ch. 21 are a vision beyond the Kingdom period. That time which is described in 1Cor 15:28. Then, vs. 9-27 constitute a new vision of the Kingdom period.

Ch. 22 is the final message. The Lord Jesus confirms at the end of this book, what He stated at the beginning. The message of the Apocalypse is intended only for true believers of Christ, His brethren (1:11; 22:16). Understanding the book depends on what has been written before in scripture.

Daniel was told to seal up his words until the time of the end (Dan 12:4), but now, at the time of the end, everything has been revealed (22:10). Most of the Apocalypse has already been fulfilled through the unfolding of human history since 90 AD. We now await the return of the Lord Jesus to set up the Kingdom.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

21:2 The adjective describing Jerusalem does not mean new in respect of age, but it refers to a freshness, changes made to something already there KAINOS (2527). The city is there now, but there has to be changes, as our future king sets up his kingdom.


21:7 ‘I will be his God and he will be my son’ is a slight variation of the promise of  2Sam 7:14l inking with Zech 8:8 to speak of the faithful entering into the heavenly Jerusalem.
21:1  The ‘new heaven and new earth’ is also spoken of by Peter – 2Pet 3:13  He styles it ‘wherein dwelleth righteousness.’ The new heavens is not just a bit different from all that has gone before. It is a radical change. We will only be there if we practice righteousness now.

22:4  Having ‘his name in their foreheads’ contrasts with the mark of the beast spoken of in various places in Revelation –  13:16, 14:9, 17:5.

21:5     The words which are ‘true and faithful’ quotes Isaiah’s description of God – Isa 25:1

Christadelphians have traditionally taken a Historicist view of Revelation: history from the first century to the return of Christ is unfolded throughout the book. That history shows the rise in power of the apostate church and its ultimate destruction at the return of Christ. It is important for the true follower of Christ to understand this history and the impact that the apostate church has had, and can still have, on the life of saints.

Words cannot be added to or subtracted from Revelation (22:18,19). Nor can sugar-coating the facts. In this day and age of political correctness, one is severely discouraged from pointing fingers. In fact, there are laws forbidding people from criticising identifiable groups. And so, what is one to do?

The real choice is whether one should be true to one’s beliefs or to accede to popular demand. Many believers have died in the past upholding God’s truth while denouncing the false church. A sobering thought as we continue our journey to the Kingdom.

21:24 Israel tried always to be exclusive, barring gentiles from getting close to God. However in this wonderful age to come all nations will have access to God.


21:12 We build high walls to keep people out. These high walls are to direct people through the valid entrance – the gates. Notice 25 they are always open.


21:19-20        The following foundation stones jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardius, beryl, topaz, amethyst are all found in Exo 28:17-20 which describes the stones of the breastplate. Thus we see that the city spoken of symbolically in Revelation is a place associated, as was the breastplate, with God’s righteous judgements – the place from which the law proceeds. Mic 4:2
22:18  The warning about adding to the words of the prophecy catches God’s warning through Moses – Deut 4:
Rev 21:1-8 – These verses are a prophecy of the post millennium period. This is the period after the Lord has returned and subdued the nations and is dwelling on the earth. The troubled waters of the sea (nations) are stilled, the old order of the heaven (rulers) and earth (the ruled) have passed away (v.1).  Memories of pain, suffering and death are abolished (v.4) and all things are new (vs.1,5).

Rev 21:9-27 – The remaining verses in this chapter are prophecy about the millennial period. This is the period from the return and intervention of Christ with the saints in world affairs.  The great city described (vs.10-21) is symbolic of the saints gathered together, from all the past ages. This is the city that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob looked for, a city which had foundations whose builder and maker is God. (Heb 11:10).  This city had heavenly origins, because it was prepared by God (Heb 11:16).


This period will conclude with the complete subjection of all nations to the will of God.  What a wonderful prospect the Lord offers to us if we strive to walk now in the light of the Gospel, then our names will be found in the lamb’s book of life (Rev 21:27).

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