This page explores basic bible truths, and links to a huge variety of bible principles that will develop your understanding on the word of god.

Latest Bible Truth Articles

Minute Meditations: The Whole Truth - R.J.Lloyd
Minute Meditations: Rejoice in the Lord R.J.Lloyd
Minute Meditations: Accountability ? R.J.Lloyd
Minute Meditations: Why Worry? R.J.Lloyd
Minute Meditations: Experience is a good teacher!
Historical notes on Ezekiel 38 Abridged.pdf
Are you a True Christian?
Dating Methods Flawed Creation / Evolution
Minute Meditation -Don’t do it!
A Comparison of True Christianity with other religions.
Articles - 10 questions asked by Atheists
Articles - 34 Big Problems for Evolutionists

Latest Bible Truth Videos

Bible Stories for Children - Joshua and the walls of Jericho
Bible Stories for Children - The story of Ruth
The Need For Lasting Change!
Signs of the Times Update: Watch ye therefore!
Is there an answer to world problems?
What the Bible Says about... Life After Death 'Immortal Souls or Resurrection'
Former UK Government negotiator to WHO and Christadelphian Andrew Jenner interview
What the Bible Says about...'God a Trinity or Unity'
What the Bible Says about...'ITSELF'
Bible Lessons From The Pandemic Crisis
Epidemiologist Stephen Palmer talks about the Corona Virus and Bible teaching about staying healthy
Pandemics, Plagues, Earthquakes, Eruptions: What do they Portend?

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