This page explores basic bible truths, and links to a huge variety of bible principles that will develop your understanding on the word of god.

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A Comparison of True Christianity with other religions.
Articles - 10 questions asked by Atheists
Articles - 34 Big Problems for Evolutionists
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Minute Meditation - The Carrot and the Stick - by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - Tell the Truth - by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - One of You is Enough - by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - No Message Ready by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - Man-made Gods Are No Gods At All by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - Grumble, Grumble, Grumble by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - The Sin Store by R J. Lloyd
Last Day's of Sodom -Article by Sister Beulah Edwards

Latest Bible Truth Videos

The Nature of Man
Jerusalem: Whose City Is It?
Genesis: The Creation Days 1- 5
Jerusalem: Soon to be a City of Peace
Clarity regarding Christadelphian core beliefs:'The uncertain sound'
7 Archaeological Discoveries from the Time of Hezekiah
Could Christ Return in 2020?
Stop and Think! - Ezekiel 38, 2020 and The Return Of Christ to the Earth.
Bodily Resurrection; Mans Only Hope Beyond the Grave
What is the Gospel Message?

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