This page explores basic bible truths, and links to a huge variety of bible principles that will develop your understanding on the word of god.

Latest Bible Truth Articles

Minute Meditation - Tell the Truth - by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - One of You is Enough - by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - No Message Ready by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - Man-made Gods Are No Gods At All by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - Grumble, Grumble, Grumble by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation - The Sin Store by R J. Lloyd
Last Day's of Sodom -Article by Sister Beulah Edwards
A REBUTTAL to John Bedson's 'The-Physician-Who-Doctored-the-Truth'
Minute Meditation - Paper! Paper! by R J. Lloyd
Minute Meditation -Read First, Then Pray
Minute Meditation -A Winning Combination
Minute Meditation -Lessons From a Duck

Latest Bible Truth Videos

Christadelphian Life in Post War England
“Ang Panalangin”
Faith Talks: New series of short inspirational talks.
The Jews and Arabs Will Unite:  Let the Bible Explain
Human Philosophy & power - Judged!
Bible Questions and Answers Playlist
Bible Questions and Answers
Stop & Think Meditations: How is your garden growing?
God's Hand in the HIstory of the world.
Bible Characters: Adam and Eve
Proof that the Bible is the word of God
Why it is Essential to Believe the Bible!

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