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These 3 Bible based talks have been organised by the Christadelphians at Rugby to help us all come to a clearer understanding and appreciation of these 3 fundamentals Faith, Hope and Love.

Each class is an in depth look at the subject in hand and is dealt with extensively to give us an idea to the importance of these three little words.

Video 1: Faith: Description: How to have faith Is the first talk of a 3-part series that examines our relationship with our Heavenly Father. God does not expect us to have blind faith. We are encouraged in the word of God to test and try all things! Prophecy (God foretelling) the future is key to building up belief in what He’s promised us!

Video 2: Description: World wide problems include global, social, mental, spiritual and physical problems causing great despair for all. The hope of the Bible including the resurrection of the dead and the return of Jesus Christ to the earth will solve the root cause of these problems.

Video 3: Description: God has invited us to share in His promises and be included in the Kingdom intends together up on this earth. While we are yet sinners Christ died for us but it is conditional on our belief and obedience. Love is a self-sacrificing desire to help others be acceptable to God. We need to have a willing heart and to learn to love God, demonstrating that love by the way we live, doing God’s commandments

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