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Beyond NATO Proposed Defence Union Should Safeguard European not US Interests

Flags wave in front of soldiers who take positions with their army vehicles during the NATO Noble Jump exercise on a training range near Swietoszow Zagan, Poland.

© AP Photo/ Alik Keplicz EUROPE Published: 14.08.2016

The countries of the EU should distance themselves from NATO when creating the newly conceived ‘Defense Schengen’, retired general Didier Tauzin, a presidential candidate for the 2017 elections in France, told Sputnik.


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In an interview with Sputnik, retired general Didier Tauzin, a presidential candidate for the 2017 elections in France who left the army after 31 years of service, urged the countries ofthe EU to distance themselves from NATO when forming the proposed Defense Union.

The interview came after the French daily Le Monde published an article by the Italian Defense and Foreign Affairs Ministers, Roberta Pinotti and Paolo Gentiloni, who called for launching a new project – “a kind of a Defense Union”, or a “Defense Schengen.”

“Importantly, such a defense system should be in line with European interests, not necessarily American ones. It is clear that Washington and European countries do not share the same interests in the world,” Tauzin said.

He added that he “strongly adheres to the idea of European defense, but under certain conditions,” which he said should include the possibility of EU countries distancing themselves from NATO when dealing with the task.

“It is necessary to develop a common strategy, find a kind of unified European sovereignty and formulate common goals. If implemented, the initiative of the Defense Schengen may become the European pillar ofNATO. In this case, we will only strengthen NATO, which currently leads us to war,” he pointed out.

Tauzin said that the new structure should not replace NATO, but added that the alliance is essentially a throwback to the era of the Cold War against the Soviet Union, which no longer exists.

According to him, “Russia is no longer an enemy of Europe and it is necessary to drastically change the structure by including Russia and other countries in it to resolve modern challenges.”

As for NATO, it should be transformed into an organization for promoting world peace, and not vice versa, he said.

In their article in Le Monde, the Italian Ministers said that the outcome of the British referendum on withdrawing from the EU and the recent terror attacks in Europe should prompt the EU member states to take effective security measures, including in the defense sector.

NATO’s Eastern Push: Is the Tide Finally Beginning to Turn?

As for a Defense Schengen, the aim of the initiative will not be the creation of a “European Army,” but of a “European Multinational Force.”

According to them, the force will include a single command and budget and it will not compete with NATO, but rather supplement the alliance.

During the latest NATO summit in Poland in July, the alliance agreed to deploy four battalions to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Its member states also decided to launch a European missile defense shield and bolster their presence in the Black Sea.

Well the headlines continue to come thick and fast as to where some key leaders in Europe think Europe should now be aligned.  And once again this is perfectly in line with Bible Prophecy which is very clear on the fact that the European Union will be in a close relationship with Russia at the time of the end with Russia becoming a “guard” unto the European Nations Ezekiel 38:7.  So it will be interesting to see what happens to NATO now that BREXIT has been confirmed, next to watch will be the USA Presidential Election.  Will it stay as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or will it morph into a European Army Command Center.  Both France and Germany want the EU to have it’s own Army, Britain is against this and up until now has stopped any such development.  But with Britain gone and most of the EU countries in NATO, Britain and America might found they lose contral and or pull out as a result.  However this happens it will be Germany and France to watch to see how developments move following BREXIT.

Why do we say this, well in Ezekiel 38:1-7 Germany is referred to by her ancient name of “Magog” being closely allied with Russia to the point that “Gog” ie. a chief one, is referred to in Bible Prophecy as being “Gog of the land of Magog” See Ezekiel 38:1-7.  Gog is also referred to in Bible Prophecy as the “King of the North” and undoubtly is the leader of Russia. The Bible also speaks of that the “King of the South” (Britain, America and the Commonwealth Countries) in the later days will “push” at the “King of the North” (Russia) and it is partly this antagonism that will force Russia and the EU to invade the Middle East.  Of course this will become more pronounced when Britain withdraws from the EU and Joins America and her Commonwealth Countries in standing up to Russian aggression.

This will be a development to watch as we see the latter day alignment of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible falling into place before our very eyes.

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