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This excellent website hosting massive amounts of information supporting the continuous Historic interpretation of Revelation…

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“SEAL NOT the sayings of the prophecy of THIS BOOK: for the time is at hand…

I Jesus have sent mine angel to TESTIFY UNTO YOU THESE THINGS in the ECCLESIAS

– Have we sealed/closed up this book for ourselves and others?

– Are we testifying/proclaiming/teaching this urgent last message of Jesus in our ecclesia?

(Revelation 22:10-16)

Welcome to this Website, set up to:

– Support the understanding of the Established Continuous Historic Framework of Interpretation.

– Support Brothers and Sisters navigate through the Confusion of Interpretation on the Apocalypse.


– Central point for Resource; presentations and other material, Audio and Video talks, books, additional Website links etc.

– Ask for help, ask questions via live chat contact link, which will be answered by a panel of Brethren, or leave a review

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– Study days, with questions and answer session, and recorded on video.

“Blessed is he (Christ’s true servants) that readeth, and they that hear the words (meaning) of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

(Rev 1:3)

View the ongoing Revelation Video series here….

Series 1 – Understanding Revelation Series

Series 2:

Series 2 – Understanding Revelation Series

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Is the site down?

hi Yes it is at the moment, we are working on a solution…..

yes it was – while we upgraded, back on now

Can you please tell me who are the “24 Elders” as mentioned in Revelation chapters 4,5,11 and 19.

In Revelation when does Christ return, the resurrection and judging of the people (first time). Where does it occur in Revelation?

It is mentioned in Revelation 7 v 9 that “….. a great multitude, ….of all nations, and kindreds, people, and tongues, …….clothed with white robes, ………” does this not mean the faithful that have been resurrected, judged and found worthy? So the resurrection has occurred but how long into Revelation does it happen? I would be obliged to hear from you.
Thank you. Christine.

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