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Description: How can we be confident when we are finally called to the Judgement Seat of the Master? By being ready, faithful and wise, and by feeding the household. When the books will be opened, our true characters will be revealed. It will then be evident whether we are really sheep or goats, whether we have been selfless or selfish, whether we have manifested his name, and whether we truly love him and his righteous principles and precepts. Then will the righteousness, mercy and true peace of the Father be revealed, and the Master and his faithful sheep will be glorified eternally. What a wonderful hope the faithful have.

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The first century brethren received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2), and by the laying on of hands of Jesus’ immediate disciples. They could be bold before the public, and the judgement seat.

Today we do not personally possess that Spririt. We cannot assume that we are going to be accepted by Jesus at His return. We have to wait humbly for judgement.

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