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To find where the nearest Christadelphians are to you – just enter your town on the page below

This video is free for all ecclesias to use on their own websites Just click on the word Vimeo to find embed instructions


Here is a list of just some of the websites managed by Christadelphian ecclesias.


United States of America



Great Britain

New Zealand




  • India
  • Hyderabad ecclesia. (Telangana State)
  • Kadiyam ecclesia. ( Andhra Pradesh)






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Why there is no Asia or Africa ?

There’s no Pacific Region
Ecclesias in Solomon Islands,Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji.

I’m from Fiji. Fiji has 2 ecclesias in Lautoka( the west side) and in the capital Suva

Why isn’t Tewkesbury ecclesia listed on here?

I note that you don’t have all Ecclesias here. Such as Maidstone in Kent, any reason for this? We don’t currently have a web site, but we do exist!

I don’t see any of the South African ecclesias.
I am from the East london ecclesia in South Africa. If you need I could give you a list of all the South African ecclesias

yes please esp if you have links to the websites which is what we are really after…

Randolph ecclesia. In Randolph nj

Thanks – do you have a link to the website?

Several ecclesial are missing. Morpeth in Northumberland, Redditch – to name a couple!

Thanks – do you have a link to the website?

Honesdale Pennstlvania United States

do you have a website link?

There is one Ecclesia in Finland(Harjavalta Christadelphian Ecclesia), at Satakunta region in a small city of Harjavalta. Here is the website, it’s in Finnish language.

Did my previous message disappear? Anyway, i will post it again. There is one Ecclesia in Finland at small city of Harjavalta. Here is the website, it’s in Finnish language.

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