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Bible Truth & Prophecy, a worldwide collaboration of Brethren and Sisters in Christ (Christadelphians) to help promote the understanding of God’s Word to those who are seeking the Truth about the Human condition and Gods plan and Purpose with the Earth and Mankind upon it.

BT&P is a universal online tool for establishing just how far removed the ‘True Christian Teachings’ of the 1st Century Apostles is from that taught by today’s mainstream Christianity.
We have included a wide range of subject matter, including many videos of our prophecy days held all over the world annually, we have many videos that cover what we term the ‘First Principles’ – i.e, that knowledge essential for salvation.

We feature Videos, articles and news items of interest relating to Current Events, Bible Prophecy and Bible Truth.

We are in the process of building a database of videos by genre and speaker name.

We have over 3300 videos for you to watch and many thousands of subscribers who regularly tune in to view our content.

We are always looking for help in running or contributing to this website and our other social media – so if you are a Christadelphian and feel you could assist us with this preaching effort please email [email protected]

Christadelphians – Preaching God’s plan and purpose for this Earth and Mankind upon it.

But what do Christadelphians believe?

We are a group of men and women who fervently believe that the Bible is the word of God. Therefore we do not doubt that its message is of vital importance to our eternal well-being. We believe the Bible contains the declared word of God with the earth and with its inhabitants, and implicitly believe, and preach, the things taught by Jesus and his apostles.

The name ‘Christadelphians’ was chosen to distinguish us from other religious groups, particularly as the apostles taught that believers should be separated and distinct from other communities (see 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). The name means ‘brethren of Christ’, and all adherents have been baptised, submitting to bodily immersion in accordance with apostolic teaching (see Romans 6). We also recognise the need to obey the commandments of Jesus by applying them in every walk of life. Jesus made clear that he recognises those only as his brethren (and sisters) who “do the will of my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 12:50).

Christadelphians acknowledge the need to become Jews inwardly (Romans 2:28, 29), so that they may be reckoned to be “Abraham’s seed” (see Galatians 2:27-29). Jesus taught that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22), and the apostle Paul leaves us in no doubt that the hope of a true Christian is “the hope of Israel” (see Acts 26:6 and 28:20).

The scriptures clearly demonstrate that the divine plan is centred in the nation of Israel, whom God declares to be his specially chosen people. That is why he often refers to himself in the Bible as “the God of Israel”. Therefore, the gospel of salvation was first preached to Abraham, the father of the Jewish race (see Galatians 3:8), and the believer’s hope of salvation is inextricably bound up with the Jewish nation.

It is a miracle that the Jewish race has survived throughout the past centuries, especially when their terrible persecutions are taken into consideration. Although they have been scattered all over the world, their recent restoration as a nation in thier own land is evidence that God’s purpose will come to fruition. This entails the re-establishment of the kingdom of God in the land of Israel, with Jerusalem as its capital and Jesus as its king.

His righteous rule will bring untold blessings to all who seek to obey the divine laws (see Isaiah 2:1-4). The gospel is a call to men and women to believe and obey God’s requirements, so that they may participate in this coming kingdom as kings and priests (see Revelation 5:9,10)
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I tried to post a comment and got a 403
Please advise.

Hi ,
Just enquiring about the site. It seems to be a vacant domain available for rent.
Any alternatives.

Bro. Errol Watson

I changed my address for security

I love to read the WISDOM OF GOD

Greetings Brethren in our Lord and Savior and for the hope of Israel. I am trying to contact Bro Neville Clark, I am leading classes for Rev 10 & 11 and would very much like to email him with some questions. I have watched his classes on Rev 10 (Wonderful Job, thank you very much and I have the PDF-Materials from those classes) and starting Rev 11. Please, Please, Please send me his email address so I can send him some questions. Thank you, my email address is [email protected]; I am a brother in the Ann Arbor, Michigan USA ecclesia. Re 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven, saying The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
By his grace and favor, Thanks Bro Alton

Brother Joel Rosenau Comox Valley Ecclesia

Could you help us make a digital introduction to Brother Stephen Palmer’s video on ancient pandemics? Email me and I will send more details from here in western Canada.

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