Overview: 3 Part in-depth Study Series by Matt Davies (Nottingham) of this vitally important and often misunderstood subject.
Inspiration is the basis of the faith of the follower of Jesus Christ. The Bible claims to of been written by the process of “inspiration” and that it’s origin is not from the will of man but of God. In these studies, the subject of Inspiration is considered from a Christadelphian perspective using the Bible to explain for itself how it came about to be written and how we should react to this.


Study 1 – Definition & Method In this talk the clear and positive claims of the Bible are reviewed. “Inspiration” is discovered to be the process by which God caused the scriptures to be written. The result of inspiration was the revelation of the words of God Himself. The claim of the Bible that inspiration was outside of the will of man is examined.

Study 2 – Difficult passages As with all doctrines of the Bible the inspiration of scripture has been under attack, especially in recent times. In this talk, a defence is made of the verbal plenary inspiration of the Bible. It is shown that the apparent literacy style & personality of the penmen of the Bible, modern scientific facts, historical facts, references to human sources & the seeming expression of personal thoughts & emotions do not undermine divine origin of scripture.

Study 3 – Implications No study of doctrine is complete without the consideration of what our reaction should be to the truth that has been revealed by God. This study seeks to outline our response to the doctrine of inspiration and encourage and warn. Three principles are considered; how that we should approach scripture as children, the need to compare scripture with scripture and that the scripture is sufficient for all our needs.

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