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Introducing a brand new series of short Bible Based studies  called ‘5 Facts’

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership and website. This site details 5 key facts that demonstrate how one Christadelphian explains his faith. This is a wonderful site with a simple and clear layout The feature presentation outlines five consequences of holding our faith as a basis for daily life.
The 5 facts are…
1: A loving Father
2: A Resurrected Jesus
3: A living word
4: Angels at work
5: God is at work in the world
Please SHARE ON YOUR TIMELINES and in groups – in the hope more will see the simple but clear message and respond to the call of the Gospel. We aim to produce 5 shorts from the main video and feature them on this page shortly.

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

Fact 1: God created the world and He is still actively interested in it. My knowledge of His Word is not an accident. He has given me not only my life – which I owe to Him – but also hope of a much better life, in His Kingdom. Through His Word, I am assured He cares for me. I can turn to Him in prayer at any time, through His Son, thanking Him for His blessings, seeking His forgiveness and help for each day.

Fact 2: I am by nature a sinful, dying creature. The Lord Jesus Christ was God’s Son, but also the son of Mary. He battled the same ‘flesh and blood’ nature as I do. He never gave in to sin in his life, and having died on the cross, God raised him from the dead. In baptism, by full immersion in water, I have died and risen with him, uniting myself with his victory over sin and death. Now God sees me as newly living, part of him, and forgives my sin. If I continue faithfully trusting Him, God has promised to transform my body like Jesus is now – beyond sin and death, able to praise God by doing His will, perfectly, for ever.

Fact 3: God has placed my feet on the path of life. Without Him I would not know the right way to walk. But God has given His Word, the Bible, to reveal His mind and purpose. In this way, I can learn what is good and my mind can begin to be transformed by meditating on the power of God’s word.

Fact 4: Countless examples from the Bible, as well as its specific teaching, demonstrate that God can bring good out of what I would consider evil and that nothing can happen to me unless God allows it. This does not mean I will never suffer. Indeed, I believe God knows the lessons I need to learn in my life, and that He is arranging the events through which I pass so that I have opportunity to do so. This in no way detracts from my free choice: in any situation I am responsible for the decisions I make.

Fact 5: The Bible shows me that what happens on the global stage, by world leaders and between nations, is not random, but fulfilling God’s will. He is at work in the Kingdom of Men. While individual leaders act in the way that seems right to them, God has an over-arching purpose and is bringing everything in line with this. Time and again, Bible prophecies have demonstrated the amazing connection between what God has said would happen, and what has happened. Most notably of all, the nation of Israel, His chosen people, has survived and after two thousand years returned to the Land of Israel just as the Bible said. Ultimately these events will result in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth to reign as World King, bringing a time of peace and plenty.

How else can I respond except to believe God, obey Him, and show His love to others?

1. I must believe that God will do what He has said. To do otherwise is to say that God cannot, or will not, do what He has said. This makes Him either not all powerful, or not willing to fulfil His purpose and in either case, a liar.

2. God knows how difficult I find it to do His will, and has met that need in giving His Son as a sacrifice that my sins may be forgiven. I show my love and thankfulness in seeking to do that which pleases God and following the commands of His Son: to ‘walk in light’, avoiding sin and maintaining a clear conscience, and seeking forgiveness when I fail.

3. I must show God’s love to others, sharing the precious Hope given to me and trying to help others along life’s road.

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