Jesus said, “Behold I am coming quickly.” This video shows how quickly things are changing on our earth and that given the existing crisis we are currently in, now is the time to get ourselves ready for that coming.

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Tell me please everything you know bout the Roman Catholics. The Anti-Christ the Pope as drawn up plans to totally destroy the whole of Africa, by 2025. You may not believe me but it is true. They are a world power, they get mega money from ILLUMINANTI, Knights Templar and other similar organizations, I have heard now he as been given a lot of money from some Billionaires. He wants to rule the world, he is after the New World Order, same as when they supported Hitler. He was calling all World leaders to Rome for the 14th of may to sighn a pact putting him in charge of Global Affairs. Also to re-educate the youth of the world. It is called Laudato SI, There is more to tell the Priests are Perverts and polluting the whole of Africa. Jesus is coming sooner than you think

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