In Leviticus 23 today we read of the ‘Holy Days’ God appointed for his nation: this is the origin of our practice of having holi-days.  In Israel it was a time to particularly remember their LORD and his blessings, most of all at harvest time – and in various ways – ‘sacrifice’ to him.  We need to meditate on sacrificing today – sacrificing our time to our Creator and His Son, our Saviour: but is it really ‘our‘ time?  Those who have ‘holidays’ need to think how their Lord would expect to see them use them!

There are some heart inspiring verses in today’s three Psalms.  Psalm 128 starts “Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in his ways!  You shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.” Israel were to particularly do this at harvest time: but for us, the blessings come to those “who walk in his ways,” and they will come, most of all, in the future!

When we came to our chapter in Luke (6) we thought how the Pharisees should have known the Psalms – their Hymn Book – but they only knew them in their heads – not their hearts. We must not be so ‘blind’.  Luke’s chapter contains his summary of what we call ‘the Sermon on the Mount’.  This highlights those who will be “blessed” in “the kingdom of God” [v.20 on]  It is Matthew’s 5th to 7th chapters that give us a comprehensive account of his teaching (to his disciples – to us) that took place in private on the mountain; this is often not realized.

Luke’s chapter today ends with the challenging parable of the need to lay “the foundation” for all that we doon the rock.”  It is “the rock” – not any rock.  Does this not have a most challenging application for us today when it seems clear that “floods” are about to rise – and the reality of our faith will be extensively (or should that word be “fully”?) tested. It will then be clear how well we have “dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock.”

Our final thought is to recall the words of Paul in 2nd Corinthians we read earlier this month: “we work with you for your joy, for you stand firm in your faith.” [1 v.24]

Let us “stand firm” on “the foundationwe have “laid .. on the rock.”

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