Bible Truth & Prophecy | 1917! A miraculous year that brought about the State of Israel.

A Christadelphian Video: Description: A well-researched and gripping ‘behind the scenes’ look at the history around this period, uncovering the interactions and incredible connections of certain individuals, some famous, some not, raised up by God to play a role in the miracle of the Balfour Declaration and the taking of Jerusalem from the Turks. The events of this year paved the way for the eventual establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 and the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland in fulfilment of Bible prophecy. Wonderful evidence that the angels of God are constantly working in the earth to bring about His purpose and to usher in the Kingdom of God. Additional comment: Visual heading @ 4.41 reads “Several members of the 2017 cabinet ….. – should read 1917 cabinet

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