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The Gospel, was first preached to Abraham 3900 years ago, the Gospel message has since been sent out to all nations. A message of hope, that all who responded could look past any suffering in their life, to a kingdom where a righteous King would rule perfectly. Are we a seeker, prepared to listen, or a scoffer thinking that all will continue as it has for millenia? The choice is ours.

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Theistic Evolution & The Bible

Theistic Evolution & The Bible

Description: Theistic Evolution is shown to be inconsistent with scripture. The creation of Genesis is completely consistent, and very importantly forms a core foundation for many essential principles of scripture. Creation was believed and referred to, by so many throughout the whole of scripture, including the master himself. Evolution Is nothing more than a theory of science, which so often change over time, which are not to be confused with pure measurable science, and was retracted by Darwin himself before ...
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Thought for November 23rd. "THE LORD GOD HAS SPOKEN WHO CAN BUT ..."

Thought for November 23rd. “THE LORD GOD HAS SPOKEN WHO CAN BUT …”

Today’s readings… (Nehemiah 11, (Amos 3), (1 Timothy 6) We are reading the prophecy of Amos at the moment.  We realize that the word ‘prophecy’ in many cases does not mean predicting the future, but rather messages from God about his observations and attitude toward the present state of things – with lessons taken from the past.  Amos lived in Israel’s northern kingdom and he brought the inhabitants warnings about their increasing ungodliness, Of course these warnings often included predictions ...
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The Challenge of Renewal - 5 Videos
Having recently finished Romans via the Christadelpihan Bible Reading Planner we are pleased to announce a Brand new 5 part video series covering Romans 12-16. This series deals with Paul's attitude and love towards his Brothers and Sisters and his encouragement to them all to follow his and Christ's example- this is not to be missed! a great series worthy of any bible class program. Class 1 - 'A Renewed Life' Class 2 - ' A Respectful Life' Class 3 ...
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One Step Further - 4 Videos
This series examines our role as servants of the Most High God is fairly hard-hitting in respect to where our priorities should be placed as we go about our daily lives. Career choices, Partner choices and many other aspects of our service are considered in a loving and constructive tone. a Must see! Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play ...
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The Wonder of Forgiveness - 6 Videos
This excellent series was given at the Enfield Ecclesia in Australia in 2015. Its focus is on the very necessary act of Forgiveness - a key to understanding the nature of our God and ourselves if we are to imitate him. 5 lectures deal with 5 aspects of this amazing subject- Why not use this series in a Bible class program? you will not be disappointed. Study 1: The wonder of forgiveness Study 2: Let a man examine himself Study ...
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5 Facts to build your life on.
Introducing a brand new series of short Bible Based studies  called '5facts' Thrilled to announce a new partnership and website. This site details 5 key facts that demonstrate how one Christadelphian explains his faith. This is a wonderful site with a simple and clear layout The feature presentation outlines five consequences of holding our faith as a basis for daily life. The 5 facts are... 1: A loving father 2: A Resurrected Jesus 3: A living word 4: Angels at ...
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Prayer - Just about everything you need to know.
Follow Bible Truth and Prophecy on WordPress.com We live in a horizontal world, where the pressures of life dictate how we behave and how we approach God. This series of talks takes an in-depth look at how we should approach God in Prayer. This series was presented a the Enfield Ecclesia in Australia 2019 Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play ...
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A Quick Look....(8 Short Videos)
Archaeology Archaeology has played a large part in proving the Bible to be true. Places and people that were thought to be mythical over 100 years ago have since been discovered to be real by archaeologists. Find out for yourself in this fascinating section. Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play... Archaeology .pdf ( or Click top left of image to select  a video in the series from the dropdown) Middle East tensions See how the Bible ...
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*MUST SEE** -'FROG LIKE SPIRITS' Gathering the Nations to ArmageddonDraft New Video Release
Video Description: *MUST SEE** -'FROG LIKE SPIRITS' Gathering the Nations to Armageddon This is an insightful and revealing study into the 'Frog-like spirits' mentioned in scripture. The speaker goes to great lengths to demonstrate from his research that it is this spirit that is the driving force behind political and religious systems that will ultimately lead the nations to Armageddon. Historical and recent news items are featured heavily in this remarkable video. Probably the most comprehensive and up to date material ...
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Risen with him: 'From our Baptism to the Resurrection'.
A new series of videos examining 'all things' resurrection - Who, why, what, when and how, all these questions are answered by our presenter - if you have ever had any thoughts regarding the resurrection this series comes highly recommended. 1: Raised again for our justification 2: Planted together in the likeness of his death 3: We shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection 4: How are the dead raised up? 5: O man greatly beloved. fear not: ...
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