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The Gospel message was first preached to Abraham 3900 years ago and has since gone out to all nations. A message of hope which gives all who respond to it a chance of looking beyond any suffering in their life to a worldwide kingdom where a righteous King will rule perfectly. Are you a seeker prepared to listen, or a scoffer thinking that all will continue as it has for thousands of years? The choice is yours!

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Bible Stories for Children - Joshua and the walls of Jericho

Bible Stories for Children – Joshua and the walls of Jericho

Teaching our young children about the God of the bible is a very rewarding and profitable thing to do. It instils in them a sense of awe and wonders that there is a plan and purpose to life. Why not spend some time with your child around the word of God and see them develop with an increasing unique perspective on a life centred around God’s precepts, not man’s Teaching our young children about the God of the bible is ...
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Daily Readings & Thought for May 31st. "THE MESSAGE ... DID NOT BENEFIT THEM"

Daily Readings & Thought for May 31st. “THE MESSAGE … DID NOT BENEFIT THEM”

Today's readings.. (Joshua 17), (Isaiah 23), (Hebrews 3,4,5) We continue reading the challenging chapters of the letter to the Hebrews. It was obviously written in the final years the Temple existed in Jerusalem before it was destroyed in AD70. Those who made the Temple and the Mosaic Law a highly important part of their lives and expectations, although accepting Jesus as their Messiah, were going to be devastated when the Temple was destroyed. Paul, whom it is generally agreed wrote ...
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LOCKDOWN Bible School 2020
Use this page to access each day for the Bible School commencing Sunday 24th May 2020. The details page with links to join the talks will be published early each day.   ...
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Revelation: Online Study Classes - Pete Owen
A Study class centred on the book of revelation - given in a relaxed atmosphere and in a home environment the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered. Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play ...
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Bible Basics Webinar: Study to show thyself approved!
Introduction to the Bible Basics Webinar. Session one is focused on giving you hope and direction through a basic understanding of Bible prophecy and a careful reading of God's word. Join us for a short weekly seminar focused on developing a basic understanding of biblical truth, and a hopeful perspective on world events during these unprecedented times. There will be a new video each Thursday for the next few weeks starting from the 9th April 2020. Watch in Full HD ...
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Mississauga Prophecy Day Studies (The unfolding events of 2020)
Bro John examines the evidence in light of current events and clear scriptural teaching. This event was a live broadcast on Sat 11th April as part of a prophecy day Due to take place Bro Pete considers the evidence showing that the fate of Europe has been prophecies - both fascinating subjects on their own, but together they make a superb Prophecy day event - thanks to all involved for making this happen and praise to our God that even ...
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2020: COVID19 - 'Are we Living in the end times'?
Description: We live in extraordinary times. This week we have seen the world reacting hour by hour and minute by minute to the challenge of Covid-19 coronavirus. Stock markets have been plummeting, schools closing, events being cancelled, cities isolated, transport ground to a halt. Controversy, disturbances, rise and fall of leaders are generating uncertainty everywhere. Israel’s recent oil finds have stirred Russia’s dominance of trade in gas to Europe. Change in political leadership can result in the necessary change to ...
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Rugby Bible Prophecy Day 2020 ' Gathering For Armageddon'
Study 1 - The Looming Shadow of the King of the North - Bro Pete Owen (Mumbles) The Bible speaks of a Northern power that will descend upon the mountains of Israel in the latter days just before the return of Christ to the Earth to establish God's Kingdom centred in Jerusalem. In this study the speaker from historical and biblical records identifies this northern power - an excellent in-depth study well worth your time to view. Study 2 - ...
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5 Facts to build your life on.
Introducing a brand new series of short Bible Based studies  called '5 Facts' We are thrilled to announce a new partnership and website. This site details 5 key facts that demonstrate how one Christadelphian explains his faith. This is a wonderful site with a simple and clear layout The feature presentation outlines five consequences of holding our faith as a basis for daily life. The 5 facts are... 1: A loving Father 2: A Resurrected Jesus 3: A living word ...
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The Challenge of Renewal - 5 Videos
Having recently finished Romans via the Christadelphian Bible Reading Planner we are pleased to announce a brand new 5 part video series covering Romans 12-16. This series deals with Paul's attitude and love towards his Brothers and Sisters and his encouragement to them all to follow his and Christ's example- this is not to be missed! A great series worthy of any Bible class program. Class 1 - 'A Renewed Life' Class 2 - ' A Respectful Life' Class 3 ...
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Prayer - Just about everything you need to know.
We live in a horizontal world, where the pressures of life dictate how we behave and how we approach God. This series of talks takes an in-depth look at how we should approach God in Prayer. This series was presented at the Enfield Ecclesia in Australia 2019. Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play ...
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A Quick Look....(8 Short Videos)
Archaeology Archaeology has played a large part in proving the Bible to be true. Places and people that were thought to be mythical over 100 years ago have since been discovered to be real by archaeologists. Find out for yourself in this fascinating section. Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play... Archaeology .pdf ( or Click top left of image to select  a video in the series from the dropdown) Middle East tensions See how the Bible ...
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