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Description: 2000 years ago, the Gospel message went out to all nations. A message of hope, that all who responded could look past any suffering in their life, to a kingdom where a righteous King would rule perfectly. Are we a seeker, prepared to listen, or a scoffer thinking that all will continue as it has for millenia? The choice is ours.

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Know your Bible!

This series of Bible facts are produced to help better understand what is required of us in following a godly life.


Thought for April 22nd. “IN MUCH WISDOM IS MUCH VEXATION’

Thought for April 22nd. “IN MUCH WISDOM IS MUCH VEXATION’

Today’s readings … Deuteronomy 5, Ecclesiastes 1, John 17&18 Today we began reading Ecclesiastes written by “the preacher, the son of David, king of Jerusalem [1 v.1]. His first words are, “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity”  What does vanity mean?  The lexicon says the Hebrew word means, transitory, emptiness.   Solomon is reviewing, apparently in his old age, all that he has accomplished in his life and is overwhelmed by a sense of feeling that in the end it was ...
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Lifes Big Questions Bible Truth Series
See good reasons to trust the Bible's answers We would like to help you answer life's really important questions that affect you and your long-term future. Maybe you are sceptical about organized religion? Perhaps you are unsure about the relevance of the Bible. We want to show you that there are very good reasons to believe that the Bible is no ordinary book. Click the top left of the video to select which video in the series you wish to ...
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A Quick Look....(8 Short Videos)
Archaeology Archaeology has played a large part in proving the Bible to be true. Places and people that were thought to be mythical over 100 years ago have since been discovered to be real by archaeologists. Find out for yourself in this fascinating section. Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play... Archaeology .pdf ( or Click top left of image to select  a video in the series from the dropdown) Middle East tensions See how the Bible ...
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*MUST SEE** -'FROG LIKE SPIRITS' Gathering the Nations to ArmageddonDraft New Video Release
Video Description: *MUST SEE** -'FROG LIKE SPIRITS' Gathering the Nations to Armageddon This is an insightful and revealing study into the 'Frog-like spirits' mentioned in scripture. The speaker goes to great lengths to demonstrate from his research that it is this spirit that is the driving force behind political and religious systems that will ultimately lead the nations to Armageddon. Historical and recent news items are featured heavily in this remarkable video. Probably the most comprehensive and up to date material ...
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