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The Gospel message was first preached to Abraham 3900 years ago and has since gone out to all nations. A message of hope which gives all who respond to it a chance of looking beyond any suffering in their life to a worldwide kingdom where a righteous King will rule perfectly. Are you a seeker prepared to listen, or a scoffer thinking that all will continue as it has for thousands of years? The choice is yours!

Welcome to Bible Truth & Prophecy website managed by the team at This is the main site for Christadelphian videos worldwide. We have categorised most of our video material by speaker name and the venue the material was presented at. All the videos are reviewed and edited before being uploaded to the network to ensure they are Scripturally sound. The videos are globally sourced from Central Ecclesias’ events ensuring we have a varied mix to suit all tastes and ages.

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Registering as a user on the site will allow you to view all the password protected material without having to enter a password each time. Our home page (this one) will feature new releases as well as videos of the daily readings and also a thought for the day. It will also include our NEW ‘today in the readings’ area where everything to do with the daily readings will be collated into one place. This will include study, gospel and prophecy videos relating to the readings. We also encourage you to add any upcoming Christadelphian events you know of to the section on the right, just click the ‘add event’ button. Most of all we hope and pray the material on this site will glorify our God and uplift and edify us and help us all prepare for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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Today in the Readings

A selection of content based on todays daily readings including past and current “Thought for the Day” and study videos based on the days chapter.


What does the Bible say about...Resurrection ( In 6 minutes)

What does the Bible say about…Resurrection ( In 6 minutes)

What happens beyond the grave? This is a question that humanity has pondered throughout the ages as all of us face the same ending. The Bible teaches us about the hope of resurrection, that when Jesus return to the earth, many people will be raised to life once more to establish God's kingdom on Earth. ...
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Daily Readings & Thought for October 22nd. “THE EYES OF THE LORD”

Daily Readings & Thought for October 22nd. “THE EYES OF THE LORD”

Today's readings.. (2 Chronicles 16,17), (Ezekiel 48), (John 17,18) Today in 2nd Chronicles we read the climax of the life of king Asa – and it has vital lessons for us.  He had been a good king – for 35 years – but then he began to trust in his own ways of thinking – and not seek the LORD’s guidance when enemies came against him.  The northern kingdom of Israel provokes a war against him [16 v.1] and he ...
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The Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians - 8 Videos
A study class series centred on the letter of paul to the Thessalonians – presented in a relaxed atmosphere the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered. The classes are designed to provide spiritual food at this time of drought for many around the world. The Next class will be on 11th October Password is the first word of Hymn 216 Please watch any previous classes below ...
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“The Day Of The LORD Cometh” 3 Videos
South West Wales Bible Prophecy Day 2021 THEME: “THE DAY OF THE LORD COMETH” #1  "PEACE AND SAFETY” Bro David Nicholls #2 “MEN’S HEARTS FAILING THEM FOR FEAR” Bro Andrew Jenner #3  “JUDGEMENT MUST BEGIN AT THE HOUSE OF THE LORD” bro John owen ...
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Monday Night Study Classes
This initiative was brought about largely due to the effect of the Pandemic and Bro Pete Owen ( Mumbles Christadelphian Ecclesia) The classes are designed to provide spiritual food at this time of drought for many around the world.  The edited videos will replace the live streams so you can return and rewatch if you wish. The classes commence at 07.45 GMT on Mondays and usually last for about an hour. The next series is due to commence on ...
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Reasoning from the scriptures! Saturday's @19.30pm gmt
Reasoning from the scriptures by Allegory, Type, Similitude and Parable, as our pioneering Brethren did’ – given in a relaxed atmosphere in a home environment the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered. Revised plan  God willing: Starting Saturday 11th Sept @ 7:30pm God willing Change in subject to be covered, now we are first going to first do a series on ’Signs in the books of Acts' Class 1 The Temple of God Class 2 Mystery of the ...
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Where it all began - the history of the Pioneers - 4 Videos
4 talks describing the public life and works of Bre John Thomas and Roberts, who found the Truth of the Bible message after exhaustive research laying the foundations of the Christadelphians ...
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Downloadable Christadelphian Hymns Videos For Streaming
We are thrilled to make available a number of videos from the Christadelphian Green Hymn book as a useful resource for the brotherhood to aid with online streaming of events/meetings. In collaboration with Sister Rachael Wadsworth (Southport), these videos show the full verse on the screen and have been produced with the familiar Green background colour. We hope to add to the collection each month as they are produced, so please keep checking the list - the files are usually ...
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The Work of the Spirit - 7 videos
The Richmond-Petersburg Young Peoples Gathering 2021 is designed for young people 18 and over (or baptised) with a serious interest in Bible Study. While this is a Young Peoples Gathering, all brethren and sisters are welcome to attend. This year the series is led by Brother Jonathan Bowen of the Branford Ecclesia. We will be looking at the Work of the Holy Spirit throughout the ages. Friday, May 21, 2021 7:00 pm - Class 1 - The Holy Spirit Under ...
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Christadelphian Family Bible School 2021 - 30th May - 4th June 2021
You can watch all the edited videos below in order that they were presented. Swanwick Family Bible School is a gathering held by the Christadelphians. The aim is to provide brothers and sisters and families with the opportunity to study the Word of God for a week, with those of like precious faith, without the distractions of the world around us.
  1. Encounters with Christ: Minor Characters of the Gospels - Bro Neville Clark (Tea Tree Gully, S Australia)
  2. 2 Corinthians: ...
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Come and see the King of Israel - 10 Videos ...
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The Seal of God vs The Mark of the Beast... Bro Jonathan Bowen (8 Study classes)
2020 had to be cancelled due to Covid and bro Jonathan was due to speak in 2020 but has kindly agreed to move his talks to 2021. As we are seeing more and more clearly that we are living in the last days. We are planning to hold 8 classes over the weekend. Brother Jonathan Bowen (Brantford, Canada) Theme: Being Sealed as the Servants of God or Receiving the Mark of the Beast can contribute to the cost of ...
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Challenges to the Faith: 3 Day Conference Fri 12th - Sun 14th March
PW hint - 1st Word of 1st Hymn 20.00 gmt Class 1: Theistic Evolution - Bro Ron Cowie 10.00 Inspiration: Class 2: When were the books of the Old Testament written? - Bro Bernard Burt Pdf of slides Inspiration. When were the OT books written.pptx 11.30 am Inspiration: When were the books of the New Testament Written? - Bro Matt Baines 17.00 Fellowship: Principles & practice -Bro  Kevin Hole 20.00 pm That They all may ...
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The Book of Daniel: 12 Study Classes
A study class series centred on the book of Daniel – presented in a relaxed atmosphere in a home environment the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered. The classes are designed to provide spiritual food at this time of drought for many around the world. ...
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“The Gospel of Matthew in the light of Isaiah's Prophecy” 2 Videos Bro Stephen palmer.( Acocks Green Study Day (27.3.21)
Acock's Green ecclesia would like to extend a warm invitation to an evening study at 3.00 pm on Saturday March 27th “‘The Gospel of Matthew in the light of Isaiah’s prophecy”. Speaker: Bro Stephen Palmer (Mumbles) (#1) ‘This is my beloved Son’ (Matthew 1-3) (#2) ‘The Light shines in darkness’ (Matthew 4-7) password hint 1st word of 1st hymn Talk 1: Talk 1- This is my beloved Son Talk 2: The light shines in Darkness ...
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Rugby Bible Prophecy Day 2021 Event 'The Times of the Gentiles being Fulfilled'
10.30 am - 11.45 am: Study 1 -"Distress of Nations with no way out” - Mark Johnson 12.00 am - 1.15 pm    Study 2 - "Then shall they see the Son of Man" - Bro Dafydd Jenkins 15.00 pm - 16.15 pm Study 3 - Milestone Update Peace in the Middle east - Bro Don Pearce 16.30 pm - 17.15 pm Study 4 - "What manner of persons ought we to be?" - Bro Matt Baines 20 min Summary ...
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Creation Day 2020 - Countering Theistic Evolution 4- Videos
A Christadelphian Video: We recorded all 3 talks by Professor Stephen Palmer and we have also recorded a Q&A session at the end of the day where questions from the audience were dealt with by Bro S.Palmer. Professor Stephen's studies will be a great tool in helping the brotherhood defend our position on creation which is being undermined by those who promote the unscriptural Theistic evolution theory. Professor Stephen Palmer, MA, MB, BChir, FRCP, FFPH. shows how Theistic evolution and ...
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Walking With Jesus Christ: The Bible as Your Guide Seminar Series - 23 Videos
“We are excited to share a new video series, called “Walking with Jesus Christ: The Bible as Your Guide.” During this Coronavirus pandemic, you may be somewhat reflective about your life priorities and interactions with loved ones.  Many men and women are thinking more about their relationship with God.  Some find themselves genuinely looking for answers to life’s challenges, which they are not finding in the world they live in. These classes take us back to the Bible to see ...
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Current Regular Live Stream Links
This post has links to our most popular live events held on a regular basis. Just click the link and visit the page of the event of your choice ...
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Christadelphian Video Events Live Facebook Stream
Each week we will feature live video streams from We have invited Christadelphian speakers from across the globe to participate in this new enterprise to encourage and edify all those seeking to serve the God of Heaven. Our aim is to feature previously unseen unique Bible Classes and gospel address and stream them live to Facebook via Zoom across all our managed space. You can watch the live video feed here You can also catch up with previous ...
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5 Facts to build your life on.
Introducing a brand new series of short Bible Based studies  called '5 Facts' We are thrilled to announce a new partnership and website. This site details 5 key facts that demonstrate how one Christadelphian explains his faith. This is a wonderful site with a simple and clear layout The feature presentation outlines five consequences of holding our faith as a basis for daily life. The 5 facts are... 1: A loving Father 2: A Resurrected Jesus 3: A living word ...
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Youth Weekend/conferences/Bible Study Series VIDEOS for YOUTH
Follow Bible Truth and Prophecy on Below are links to various collections of videos on the network from youth events from all over the world ...
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