The Man of One – A Study of Daniel and revelation

An excellent study by Jonathan Bowen. The vision of the Man of One is a divine illustration of God Manifestation that is seen by both the Prophet Daniel and the Apostle John.  In this study we hope to examine both visions and their counterparts in the Zechariah, Habakkuk, and the Song of Solomon. We hope to draw upon the imagery of the law to discover the meaning behind the symbols and make practical application to our lives today.
Discipleship is the training ground where we develop the different characteristics symbolized by the Man of One. Participation in the Man of One requires an investment by every saint, our studies will consider what the Spirit directs us to do to be part of the body of Christ. We also hope to consider the testing each of us goes through to refine us for the Father’s use. The Man of One is not an individual, but the multitudinous body of Christ, the sum off all the constituent parts. During this series we will also examine how we can help build up our ecclesias to be part of the glorious bride of Christ.
God has given us power to be come the sons of God, during this study we hope to examine what we must do to participate as members of his glorious body in the future age that is nearly upon us.

Part 1 ” The Multitudinous Christ”

Part 2 “White Linin & Fine Gold”

Part 3 “His hair White Like Wool”

Part 4 “Face As Lightning”

Part 5 “Eyes as Lamps & the Sword”