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In 1938 and 1939, via a movement known as the Kindertransport, thousands of Jewish children were taken from Nazi-occupied territories to safety in Great Britain. They came to a new family, a new country, and a new life. Approximately 250 of these children were sponsored by Christadelphians.

Often the Holocaust is considered in terms of statistics: how many perished and how many were affected, so much so that at times the individual stories are lost in the numbers. This series examines the experiences of the individuals who came to England as children and lived with Christadelphians.

Ten of these child survivors, and their families, participated in the effort to bring about this first volume.

These are their stories.

At four years old, Ernst Billig came to England on the Kindertransport. He lived with the Moores, a Christadelphian family, who treated him as though he was their son.

Mrs. Ursula Meyer was kind enough to meet with us and tell us her story.

Her full story is shared in chapter 3 of the book “Part of the Family”, available on

In the video below, Mrs. Rella Adler was gracious enough to tell us about her experiences with Philip and Lilian Adams, a Christadelphian couple from Sheffield.

To learn more about her experiences, read her full biography in the book.
Her full story is shared in the book “Part of the Family”, available on

A Video created from the book about children who were saved.

About the Author

Jason Hensley, M.Ed, is the principal of a small private school in California. At school, he teaches religious studies and a senior-level course on Christianity and the Holocaust. The material for this book has served as the backbone for the curriculum in the latter course. He frequently lectures on this and related topics throughout North America. Contact him via email, or find him on Facebook.

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars very well written book, I enjoyed reading it, June 22, 2016
This review is from: Part of the Family: Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust (Paperback)
This is an excellent book. It tells many personal stories of Holocaust survivors, detailing their childhood in their own words, their transport away to Christadelphian homes, the relationship with their caregivers, what can be known of their parents, etc.. This book is authored by a Christadelphian, and honestly, I didn’t even know what that was when I began reading the book. He does give an introduction to their faith, and what their goal/purpose was in helping the Jews transport their children away from the war into welcoming homes. This is a book about the Christadelphian efforts during the war, so their faith/beliefs are mentioned many, many times throughout the book, as it is stressed over and over that the Christadelphians did not try to convert the Jewish children that they took into their homes, instead urging them to remember where they came from. It’s a good book, and I had a hard time pulling myself away from it at night. The intro wasn’t my favorite part, but gaining a bit of knowledge about the Christadelphians is important to understanding the rest of the book. The book was sent to me for review, so I was able to email a few questions to the author, and he responded quite thoughtfully to my questions, which was wonderful. You don’t have to be a Christadelphian, or a particularly religious person, to enjoy the book. The stories of the survivors are told on a personal level, and are tragic always, but many times have very good outcomes because the person was able to be pulled away from the war torn area as a child. There are a lot of photographs throughout the book, and excellent maps at the beginning of every chapter, to help the reader understand the area/towns that are being discussed in the chapter, drawn by the author’s wife. This is a very well written book. I am not a religious person, in the standard sense, but I respect people’s decision to worship together (or apart). It’s irrelevant, but my grandmother was Jewish, I was raised in a strict(ish) Evangelical Methodist home. My dad was a Sunday school teacher, my godparents were the preacher and his wife, and I was in church almost every other day. Now I don’t attend any church (matter of fact, I avoid it). I am, however, a faithful person. I feel closest to God in nature, and in my own quiet, personal time that I spend praying. (I just skip the middleman 😉 I only mention all this, because I don’t want people to avoid reading this book just because it is detailing/written by (a person of) Christadelphian faith. It’s an excellent read for anyone, and I look forward to more books from this author.
*I received this book free in exchange for my honest review

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