This set of talks was prepared before a visit to the holyland in 2015 organised by Bro Jonathan Bowen (Ontario). They were produced to help those attending the tour have a better understanding and appreciation of the locations visited and to help ‘bring alive’ the Bible.

There are four Videos in this series, specific to Bible Prophecy (Below) and a further 7 videos produced can be found on the PLYC website on this link here….!

PLYC Studies: Prophecy Class 1 ‘The Purpose of Prophecy’

PLYC Studies: Prophecy Class 2 “The Regathering of Israel – Bible Prophecy Fulfilled

PLYC Studies: Prophecy Class 3 – ‘The Times of the Gentiles’

PLYC Studies: Prophecy Class 4 – ‘Clouds Of Armageddon: Evidence Of Bible Truth’

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