The Book of Revelation – things which must shortly come to pass.


A series of 8 studies given by the Christadelphians at Coventry West throughout December 2015.
Although some of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation have been wonderfully fulfilled already, a significant part of the book consists of prophecy about future events – events mainly associated with the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ, the outpouring of God’s judgments and the establishing of the kingdom. This study will focus upon those chapters in the book that we might better understand and be prepared for these great events to come.

The Hour Of Judgement is Come! – Revelation 14

The judgment as revealed in Revelation 14 is well explained. An over view of Revelation 13 is given as the necessary background to understanding chapter 14. Interpretation is determined by referring to earlier Scripture.

End Time Prophecy: God’s Judgement ‘VIALS OF WRATH POURED OUT’ Rev 16

The series of judgments is explained, outworked in the Napoleonic wars which developed from the French Revolution. The resulting new thinking is still having a major effect in the world today and will culminate in the battle of Armageddon.

Revelation 17 : The Judgement of the Great Whore.

The symbolic language of Revelation 17 is founded in the Old Testament. Ancient Babylon is the prototype of the great Roman church. The fourth beast of Daniel 7 is expanded into various stages so that the reader might understand the development of Roman Europe.

Revelation 18: Babylon the Great is fallen

What is the identity of Great Babylon in Revelation? It is that great city that has ruled kings, shed the blood of prophets and saints, falsified religious practice, traded with merchants and rulers, and accumulated all sorts of wealth. It will be removed, as completely as was the original Babylon on the Euphrates, when Christ returns.

The Marriage of the Lamb is come: Revelation 19

In depth study of the warnings contained within this chapter

‘They Shall reign a thousand years’ – Revelation Chapter 20

Nicholas White deals with this exciting chapter.

A New Heaven and New Earth: Revelation 21

The beautiful imagery of Revelation 21 is explained – a chapter full of hope and better things to come for our earth. The magnificent imagery of a new city reveals how the many peoples and nations of the earth today will be replaced by just one people, God’s people (His righteous followers), depicted as the future bride of Jesus Christ living in safety and reflecting God’s glory throughout the world.

Behold I come quickly: Revelation 22

The final chapter is revealed as the last message for believers, to value the Word of God and keep the commandments that we might receive the blessings of the Kingdom Age. The tree of life restricted in the Garden of Eden is now made available.

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