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Below is a list of links to Brother Matt’s studies

About Bro Matt….

Bro Matt Davies is an active Christadelphian author and speaker based in Nottingham UK.

He attends the Nottingham Forest Road Christadelphian Ecclesia in the UK.

Matt Speaks at Christadelphian gatherings all over the country.

He is actively involved in promoting the truth as revealed in the Bible and he is the admin behind the The Gospel Truth website

His subjects range from Bible character studies to end time prophecy.

He has written many articles for the website and voiced these articles on the sites weekly podcast.
We are pleased to work very closely with Matt to bring you these studies. Matt is a long-time supporter of and has a substantial back catalogue of studies hosted on our site and we are extremely grateful to him for making these available.

The first link is to a page containing all Matt’s individual studies (i.e Single videos), the other link is to  a page containing his Study Series of two or more videos.

individual studiesStudies by series