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5 Part Series

5 Part Series

18 Part


5 Part Series

Gibea Of Saul 2016 (NZ)

6 Part Series

In the Footsteps of the Patriarchs Day 1 -Turkey.00_00_06_29.Still014

20 Pt Series

Blessed with Faithful Abraham

6 Part Series

Christ in the Psalms

5 part series

foundation of the world P1

5 Pt Series

The Unleavened Bread of Sincerity and Truth - Class 1 -He gave them Bread from Heaven to eat.

5 Part Series

in the steps of paul p1

4 Part Series

hezekiah main

5 Part Series

footsteps of master

18 Videos


4 Part Study

Stirring in a valley of dry bones

5 Part Study

The Kingdom Of God Vs The Kingdom OF Men Pt2.00_00_15_07.Still005

18 Part study

Judah first 1

6 Part study


5 Part Study

Study 1 - Our relationship to Jabin king of Canaan

4 Part Study

Study 5 - Why Jabez was more honourable than his brethren.00_00_05_23.Still015

5 Part Study

Esau - Past Present and Future Study 1 Two Manner of People

5 Part Study


4 Part Study

apocalypse in joshua

5 Part Study


5 Part Study

A Time to Contend for the Faith – 6 Part

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After The Flood 5 Part Bible Study Series


The Principles and Power of Prayer – Bible Study Series

2017 year of dramatic developments in fulfilling Bible prophecy 2017 Bible Study Series

The Ministry of the Son of Man 6 Part Study -Jim Cowie Bible Study Series

Lift up your heads – Redemption Draws near – Jim Cowie 2017 Bible Study Series

The Spirit Of Christ In The Psalms 2017 – 5 Pt Study J.Cowie Bible Study Series

House Of Prayer For All Nations Bible Study Series (Feb 2017) – Jim Cowie

The Apocalypse In Joshua – Jim Cowie Texas 2017 Bible Study Series

ELISHA: The Man Of God: 5 Pt Study – Jim Cowie Video Bible Study Series

Lift Up Your Heads-your redemption draws nigh – 5 pt Bible Study Series

The Kings And Prophets of Israel and Judah – School of the Prophets _Jim Cowie Bible Study Series

Events Surrounding The Return Of Christ: 5 Pt Series: Rogue River 2015 – Jim Cowie

The Quarrel of my Covenant at Gibea of Saul: 6 Pt series

The Spirit Of Christ In The Psalms – 5 Pt Series by Jim Cowie 2016

Follow…….. This study series, first given in Brother Jim’s tour of North America in Early 2016, takes an in-depth look at the wonderful types and references of Christ that are found in the Psalms. There are 5 studies each dealing with a different aspect of the life of Christ which can be identified from the Psalm readings.

The Unleavened Bread of Sincerity and Truth

Follow…….. This is a 5 part series given Mr.Jim Cowie at the Granite State Ecclesia in the USA earlier this year. Jim in this series explains the true meaning behind this scripture found in 1 Cor 5:8 – “Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”

Signs of The Times: Ahaz and Hezekiah: 5 Pt Jim Cowie Series

Follow…….. Brand new study series for 2016. In this series Bro Jim Looks at the at the very clear links between the Assyria of Hezekiah’s day and the latter day Assyrian that will descend upon Israel in these last days. Comparisons made and scripture referenced.