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…this page…. Below is a list of Links to Brother Jim’s Studies.

About Bro Jim…

Jim Cowie is a Christadelphian Bible student and speaker who resides in Brisbane, Australia and regularly visits Christadelphian ecclesias and members in isolation in other countries, speaking at Bible schools, study weekends and fraternal gatherings. .
His subjects range from character studies to end time prophecy.
We are pleased to work very closely with Jim to bring you these studies. Jim is a long time supporter of and we are extremely grateful to him for this.


The first link is to a page containing all Jim’s individual studies (i.e Single videos), the other link is to  a page containing Jim’s Study Series of two or more videos.

individual studies Studies by series




1 Comment

  1. Peter.

    Hi Bro Jim.

    Thanks for you Youtube Bible talks. In one of your talks I noted with interest your comments relating to a brother and sister who were also attending a mainstream church. If my memory is correct this resulted in withdrawal of fellowship. I agree that that’s the way it has to be. 1 John 1.10.

    Where is this coming from? I’ve encountered brethren and sisters who deny that the Roman church is represented by the Little Horn on Daniel’s fourth beast. All of this persuasion that I have encountered assert that Islam is the Little Horn. Sounds like nonsense to me. The Roman church grew out of Rome. Islam did not. Those that I have spoken to also teach that the Roman church is not the Mother of Harlots. They claim that Israel is the Mother of Harlots. That’s a serious worry because their whitewashing of the Roman church results in them advocating that it’s OK to fellowship with mainstream churches. It’s quite difficult to obey Rev 18.4 if flawed dividing of the word of truth has those in error looking in the wrong direction.

    There is a need to oppose and separate from error. 1 John 1.10. The worry is that some who have been disfellowshipped find an accepting liberal that welcomes them back to the memorial table. And from there they are able to promote their views. For the sake of protecting the truth it would be nice if this could be addressed.

    God bless.

    Bro Peter.


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