As a community we believe that the Scriptures are “God breathed” that they are a record of His words. This belief is being challenged again in our days. The first of these studies will address the issue: is the Bible the word of God or does it contain the words of man? The second study will consider some of the “difficuties” which critics of the Bible have raised. The following two studies will consider the the Old and New Testaments – why we have these 66 books and no others. The final Class will show how God’s prophetic word has never been broken.

In this series of 5 studies the following subjects are dealt with by 4 invited speakers.

Study 1 – The inspired Word of God Inspiration – men spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. – Peter Forbes – Glenfield

Study 2 – Every word of God is pure – how do we deal with the ‘difficult passages’?            Peter Forbes – Glenfield

Study 3 – How the Old Testament Scriptures were compiled.                                                   Bernard Burt – Cov West

Study 4 – How the New Testament Scriptures were compiled.                                                 Matthew Baines

Study 5 – The accuracy of Bible prophecy – the Scripture cannot be broken.                           Nicholas Barnes – Woodgate