This series, created by Bro Jonathan Bowen (Ontario) has been produced by for the benefit of Christadelphian ecclesias in dealing with issues that may arise from time to time.

There are four studies in the series

1: Surviving Perilous Times Class 1 By Their Fruits ye shall know them

2: Surviving Perilous Times Class 2 Take Heed to Yourselves and to the Flock

3: Surviving Perilous Times Class 3 Waring a good warfare

4: Surviving Perilous Times Class 4 Sanctify them through they Truth.

As they are pertinent to our community, we have not made them available to the wider audience as we usually do.

if you would like to view the series for your own benefit please email stating your name & ecclesia.

At the request of the speaker we ask that you do ‘NOT’ share the links with anyone or online via facebook etc.