On August 16, 2016  Russia conducted air strikes on Isis targets from a military base in Iran.  This new coalition is another heart wrenching blow to American and NATO forces that are losing all control of the regional conflict.

Russia bombs ISIS from Iranian AB 2016-08-16

On August 18, 2016  a U.S. Army spokesperson stated from the White House that “It was expected…”  and “We knew in time – not a lot of time but it was enough.”

However, sources have reported the White House and the US Army scrambled to convey the impression that they had been given notice of this alarming news.  Reports of Russia notifying the U.S. prior to their air strikes has now been reported as inaccurate and in reality the White House had no prior knowledge of these strikes and the entire project was carried out behind the backs of the U.S. administration and intelligence.


DEBKA military sources have disclosed by late Thursday, August 18, there had been four separate air strikes over different parts of Syria conducted by Iran-based Russian bombers.

Russian+airstrike from Iran Map Aug.16 2016

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to take full advantage of this latest surprise development.  DEBKA Weekly’s intelligence sources report that as Russian bombers were in Iraqi air space to bomb Syria, Putin was already on the phone to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with a proposition suggesting that he simply hand over the task of freeing Raqqa by opposing militants to the Russian army and its Iranian and Turkish allies. Prime Minister Al-Abadi promised Putin he would give this proposal serious consideration.


DEBKA Weekly discovered that Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan approached the Iraqi minister to persuade him as well to accept the Russian proposition.  This could lead to the 10,000 U.S. soldiers standing by in Iraq to be left without a job there.  If Iraq accept this plan, they would be obliged to grant the Russians air bases for striking Mosul which would be there third regional air base after Syria and Iran.


This would be in line with Putin’s master plan to increase his strength ranging from the Caspian Sea in eastern Iran, through Iraq to the Mediterranean coast of Syria.  We can expect this military expansion to increase until The King of the North controls the entire region of the ancient Seluecid Empire as described in Daniel 11.

Seleucid Empire map region01