This is an ongoing series given at the home of Bro Jonathan Bowen (Ontario).
The subject of Prophecy is essential for a complete understanding of God’s plan and purpose with the Earth. The Book of revelation was given by Christ to John so that the generations that would follow would have the means whereby to ascertain the signs of the times in relation to themselves. In each class, Jonathan is leading us through the book of Revelation in a relaxed and thoughful manner engaging and involving those present, illustrating key points using a white board which we then replicate in the videos produced.

Here is the latest video in the series.

Notes Summary for Bible Marking purposes

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Study 2 – Revelation – Pergamos (part 2) Jonathan Bowen

Rev 2:12-17 – In the last class we looked at the beginning of Pergamos, which was at one time capital of Asia, and became one of the key cities in Roman Province of Asia until Ephesus took its place as capital. “The man of one” is not a static symbol it is an active symbol of the saints. This “man of one” is is working in the ecclesias and would use his “the sword of his mouth” to fight against the apostasy within the ecclesia. He is actively engaged in the ecclesia and with this letter and what we learn from it, we understand that we must deal with apostasy within the ecclesia, because if we don’t, Jesus will. We have to fight with the sword of our mouth; that is we need to speak the truth whether people “hearken or whether they forbear.”

Then we looked at where “Satan’s seat” is, relating it to the “synagogue of Satan” which is the adversary within the ecclesia. There were those within the ecclesia who were hostile to truth and who were working against the apostles and against the ecclesia. The “Synagogue of Satan” was now formalised into a group, and no longer just individuals within the ecclesia and by the time we come to the letter to Pergamos we find that Pergamos is now its headquarters. It is where “Satan’s seat” is, and the word for “seat” is throne, so this is where they ruled. A system was being developed from within the ecclesia which was an apostasy and it finall departed from within the ecclesia because “it went out from us” because they were not “of us.”  This soon became a formalised apostasy and we looked at the gestation period, that started in AD 33 with Annanias and Saphira who conceived a thing in their hearts and  conception had taken place, and if you follow that with the gestation period of 280 day years, you come to 313 AD when Constantine came along – “the man of sin,” who elevated the church right up to where you read in Thessalonians that he would “sit in the temple of God showing itself that it was God.”

Back at the time of Pergamos where we are now the apostasy is still in an embryo state, the full formal separation doesn’t really happen until Rev 12, and the apostasy then departs out of the ecclesia, but it is in the process of formalising in the area of Pergamos.

“I know thy works and where thou dwellers,” where “Satan’s seat is,” “thou holders fast my name” and you “have not denied my faith.” So we started to look at this idea of “The Name,” and we looked at the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ was a fulfilment of the Name, and we will look at it a little bit more tonight. We looked at the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ, being that fulfilment was the Name of God made flesh. He was “the word made flesh.” The apostasy was beginning to teach a doctrine whereby the Lord was no longer to be considered of flesh and blood. There were two Adams, the first Adam and the second Adam. The first Adam was made of the dust with the Spirit of God working upon that, forming Adam out of the ground and he became a “living soul.” In that state, he did have the lust of the flesh but it was latent, not activated. It wasn’t like he was there with a bias towards sin, he was a clean slate, the ability to sin was there, but it wasn’t awakened. Dr Thomas uses the concept in Elpis Israel of puberty. You can take a small child that might be three years old and sometimes 6 years old, they can run around absolutely naked, and they have no concept, they just don’t realise it, until they hit a certain age and then they realise what there nature is and what there bodies are, and on that level, they are awakened to it. That’s what Adam was before the fall, like a child prior to puberty.

The Lord Jesus Christ was different though. Sometimes in our community people get confused because they try to relate him as being the second Adam and they draw that analogy and they try to then state that if he’s the second Adam then he is the exact same replication of the first Adam and what he is, but he is not. Adam was created out of the dust with an inactive system of lust, I guess you could say, whereas the Lord Jesus Christ was created out of Mary’s womb, right? there is a difference. She was a woman and we read in Job, “can a man bring clean out of unclean?” No. If you come from unclean, you are going to be unclean. He was flesh, so that flesh had propensities, but they were activated propensities. It is not as though they were latent and they were just sitting there and not doing anything, being dormant, they were activated and he made the conscious choice, being empowered by the word of God, to “choose the good” as Isaiah tells us, and “refuse the evil,” and Isaiah says “butter and honey may he eat, that he may know how to refuse the evil and choose the good. ” Well how does that work? Well, butter is milk so you have the idea of the milk of the word, honey the honey of the word. So it is the word of God that he is going to eat and so it is going to enable him to make that right choice. Put a little differently though, butter and honey, the land was going to flow with “milk and honey.” So the promise of the word is what he devoured and that’s what we read in Heb Ch 12. That “for the joy that was set before him, he despised the cross, endured the shame and henceforth is sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” He fed actively upon the food of the word, the promises to Abraham that empowered him to overcome flesh. “Morning, by morning God opened his ear.” So every morning this little boy woke up, Yahweh spoke to him and filled his mind and heart with the truth, so his cup was filled to the brim, every single day, so that when these temptation and desires came upon him,  immediately he had the word of God to combat them, just like his temptation in the wilderness, “hath thou not read,” “thus it is written.” So the word was ready, sharper than any two-edged sword, it was able to to “divide asunder the soul and spirit, and discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Well, Jeremiah tells us that the “heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked,” and he had the word to “discern the thoughts and intents of his heart,” so that he was able to see ‘Yes, this might be what my flesh wants to do but I’m not going to do it because this is what my God wants me to do.’ Evidence of that is seen when he says to Peter “Get thee behind me Satan, thou art an offence unto me.” Why would the Lord say that Peter was a “offence” unto him if he wasn’t affected by what Peter said? He obviously didn’t relish being crucified, it was something he dreaded, but he knew he had to do it, and he submitted himself and “learned obedience by the things that he suffered.” So he had a will, that was separate from his Father, which was self-preservation, so he prayed in the garden, “not my will but thine be done.” He uses the word to combat that and God listens to him and sends and angel to strengthen him. So that’s the Lord Jesus Christ as we looked at last time, He’s made of a woman, made under the Law, he’s tempted in all points as we are, he’s flesh and blood, but he is without sin because he uses the Sword of the Spirit to discern those thoughts as they come to him and it doesn’t matter whether it is an external or an internal thought that arises, the point is that when the thought comes, ultimately it must be internalised to process it. So it could be that somebody says to me you could be as a God. Now I didn’t come up with that idea myself, somebody presented it to me, the point is, it went into my head and it has to be processed. It has to enter into our brains. Now if that was Adam that had to be interjected. The Lord Jesus Christ was made like we are, and we are told in James, every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. Well, the Lord Jesus Christ was tempted, he had lust, he had desire, but he never capitulated to that desire, he wasn’t an immaculate conception, he wasn’t a clean flesh in that sense, where he had no human nature, it was there, it was working on him, but he had the sword of the Spirit and he discerned those thoughts, figured out what was God’s will and what was the will of the flesh and so he says to Peter you are an offence to me, well, an offence is a stumbling block, and Peter could not have been a “stumbling block” if he couldn’t have stumbled. It is no different to saying “he was tempted in all points like as we are and yet without sin,” well you can’t be tempted if you cannot complete the temptation. So if that is never a possibility, then it is not a temptation. The Lord was not different to us in his nature, he was different to us in his equipment. He was equipped with the Word of God right from the beginning because he was the Word made flesh. So that’s kind of the back drop, a long-winded review of what we’ve looked at, a bit more of an explanation of what we were talking about, the fact that he was made of a woman. So the Holy Spirit worked on Mary’s womb and then made in her that holy thing that was called the Son of God. So that being the case, the issue is “you have not denied my name.” That’s what we are going to hone in on now, because the denial of the Name is to deny that Jesus came in the flesh. Remember that the Spirit of anti Christ denied that the Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh. He was flesh and blood, but his blood was more powerful than any of our’s ever could be, because it was perfect.

So let’s take a look at a couple of passages as we pick up on this thought and we run with it this week.

The Power of the blood of Christ

Lev 17:11 – The life of the flesh is in the blood. He gave his blood to make an atonement for your souls. Two of those words are identical – Life and Soul, exactly the same in Hebrew.

5315 – Nephesh – Soul – Life

That which breathes and it is the person also defined as the “inner being” or “self.” If I were to put a plastic bag over my head and there was no longer oxyge in my body, your “soul” is going to depart, because it is your life. It is not an imprinted binary code that’s going to float off with some kind of program, whatever, remember the principle of Genesis Ch 2, “In the beginning, God created man out of the dust of the ground, so we have  dust and he breathed into him the breath of life and a man becomes a living soul, a “nephesh.”

You have the dust, plus the “ruach,” the breath, gives you a “living soul,” and what works on the dust is, of course, the spirit. In this we have the formula of life. If you take away any of those components, you no longer have a “living soul.”  If you remove the breath of life you don’t have the components for a living soul. If you remove the dust, you also don’t have the components for a living soul.

There is no such thing as a disembodied soul, it doesn’t exist. You are either alive or your dead, it is binary. On off with the light switch. If it is off, there is nothing, you are finished. If it is on you are alive. That’s the difference between a living person and a dead person, it is all about electricity.

Once a baby takes its first breath, it is a living soul, before that it gets breath from its mother. Under the Law, if a man kicked a woman in the womb, and murdered the child, it was not considered homicide. It is different how God looks at it.

Once that child is born, if you murdered it, it was considered homicide. Now it is not the way our society today looks at it, but that’s the way it was under the Law of Moses. It’s a great ethical debate, but I’m not going to go there.

From a biblical point of view the flip side to that is, we are told that Jeremiah was called from the womb, Samson was a Nazarite from the womb. We are told that the babe leaped in the womb of Elizabeth, so I will leave you with those thoughts to take in your own head and think about later.  Once that breath of life comes into the lungs, it becomes a “living soul.”

The Lord Jesus Christ, the life was in his blood, so when he gave his blood, he gave his life. He made his soul an offering for sin, because it is the same thing. You need all the components to be a living soul.

Take away any one of those components and you are no longer a living soul. So that is your formula for life and Gen 2:7. So that’s one side of it, but what he did, is made his life an atonement for their souls. So this is the word “life”

5313  “life” – this is going to be an atonement for their souls.

The word atonement is 3722 the Hebrew word is Katharine and it means to coat or cover with pitch. Gen 6:14. Noah took the ark and he covered it with pitch and he made a covering for it.

So what is the little beanie that the Jews wear on their heads? It is a keeper, it is a cover and it covers a head. The lid of ark is called a Kapharet, It is a covering. The same word used for the mercy seat. What is the Hebrew word for the day of Atonement? Yom Kippur they are all the same things. The atonement is a simple subject, but it is man that confuses it. I hate the word “propitiation” because I can’t spell it, and it is confusing and it means “the lid.”

When you use this great big long word it is simply the same word as Kaphar, the keeper, the covering. The mercy seat is the propitiation, why? Because it sits on the lid of the ark, and it is the covering over the ark. The Cherubim cover the mercy seat. They are the covering of the mercy seat, so that’s all rooted in the same word. The day of Atonement is the day of covering. So what did he do, he gave the life of the flesh which is in the blood, to make a covering for your souls. Think back to Genesis. God made coats of skins to cover their flesh. How did he do it, he slew a lamb from the foundation of the world. Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins. So blood for blood. Now with an animal, it is not good enough. It is a teaching tool, but it is not sufficient. It is pointing forward to the real deal, the Lord Jesus Christ. The atonement is actually fairly simplest the end of the day. Irish covering. By using great big words we perpetuate controversies and keep them going. Boil it down to its basic components so we can understand it. When you think of all the things that are tied into this little word Kaphar, it makes it so much more understandable.

In Pergamos they had not denied his name. This is all tied into the Name

Psa 49:6-9 – The principle being demonstrated here is “wealth cannot redeem” you can’t buy your way “into heaven.”  Sorry St Peter and everybody else. His point is those who trust in wealth, none of them can redeem his brother.  This is getting into the whole subject of the Gail, the redeemer, and somewhere I’ve got three classes on that that I will put on line with this, but the Gaail – the redeemer had to be a kinsman. Ruth and Boaz, Boaz was a near kinsman. The Lord Jesus Christ has to be related to those he came to redeem. If he is not related, he dan’t be the redeemer, he is not qualified, so he has to come  in the nature of the children of Abraham, in order to redeem those that are there. He usually had to be a wealthy man because he had to buy his brother out of slavery, the problem is, none of us are wealthy enough to really redeem our brother. We don’t have the capability of doing that. Let’s look at the words that are here to help us to understand this,  You have “redeem”, 6299 Padang and it means to rescue or ransom. “Redemption” 6306 and it is the same kind of idea as his word  6299 and is related to it. Then there is “ransom” 3724  Kopher  = a cover, figuratively a redemption price, which is the price of life. We don’t have the wealth to do this, but Jesus did. He did have the ability to redeem us.

The blood of bulls and goats is not good enough. Rev 7:9 illustrates this point. A great multitude, an innumerable multitude. If my brother James fell on hard times I might have to buy him out of slavery. If I had ten brothers, then it might be a hard job. Here is what Jesus redeems, an innumerable multitude out of all nations and he is related to all of them because he is a “son of man.”  They are all clothed with white robes and are before the throne Rev 7:13-19. Made white in the blood of the lamb. The blood was an atonement for the soul. What are these people depicted as having? “coverings.”  What did Adam and Eve have in the garden? Coats of skin. They were required to shed blood in order to be effective. What are these coverings and how come they are white? Because it is the blood of the Lamb. It required the sacrifice of the perfect Lamb.

Rev 5:9-10 This is all tied up in the Name of Jesus Christ. They have been redeemed by thy blood. His blood was an atonement for the soul. The ransom paid that nobody could afford was the blood of the Lamb which ransoms us to our God. That’s what has been paid to qualify us to be kings and priests. How valuable is that? Well with it you can buy a whole multitude out of every kindred tongue people on the planet, because he is related to them all. If you separate him from that he can no longer redeem you because he is not related. It is blood for blood, life for life that is needed.

Heb 7:26-27. This tells us how effective the Lord Jesus Christ is. Pick up there his qualifications he is holy, harmless, undefined, separate from sinners.  This blood, this life is a life that is holy, it is a perfect life, given in perfect obedience to God. We are asked to “be ye holy.”

Heb 12:24 – Other people have given their lives, but it hasn’t been effective. His blood is better than Abel’s. Abel was probably one of the most righteous men that ever lived, and yet his blood was not good enough because he was made of the same stuff as us. “If thou Lord should mark iniquities, who would stand?” Psa 130:3. When you walk through those passages you realise the efficacy the power of the blood of Christ. When we talk about the “precious” blood of the lamb, it literally was “precious blood.”  Every single one of us is in a different category whatsoever. He did have an advantage over us and that was that he was “the word made flesh” and he was able to overcome and we have to follow his example and hold onto the Name. We can’t perfectly do what he wants us to do, but it is a participatory sacrifice.

Heb 10:19-20 – We are not spectators we have to participate. We enter by the blood of Christ. It is his blood that is effective enough to allow us to enter into the holiest. It is not by the blood of animal, it is by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Heb 10:28-29 – This is the power of what has been spilt for us. “If we sin wilfully after we have received a knowledge of the truth,” we tread under foot the son of God, and count the blood of the covenant as an unworthy thing. “We do despite to  the spirit of Grace.” “Despite” = 1796 enubrizo = to insult, do despite unto.

If we walk away from the Truth and do our own thing we are insulting the spirit of Grace. “Hold unto my Name” it is not just a doctrine, it is a lifestyle. This is God’s son’s blood that has been spilt. Have just read a book called “God, Shiloh and Israel, David Reuben, and he says that for a Jew, “the most frightening thing is when God turns his face from you.”  They call it “the hiding of the face.”

Paul says that he delivered somebody over to Satan that he learn not to blaspheme. To have God’s back turned towards us is most frightening thing, Isa 59:1-2. Then you are turned over to time and chance. Time and chance happens to “all” but it doesn’t happen to the people of God.  “All things are for your sake.” But we can turn back, if “with all your heart ye truly seek him.”  There’s no ‘faking it.”

Matt 26:28 – This is the blood of the new covenant shed for many for the remission of sins.  He is going to make his blood an atonement for our souls. That word “remission” is 859 Aphesis means the release from prison, or bondage. Pardon for sin. The effect of your sin is removed, the ultimate consequence of your sin is taken away. But for many, not just for one man.

1 Pet 3:21 – Baptism is equated with the “answer of a good conscience.”

“Conscience”s 4893 suneidesis, a consciousness of anything, and awareness of sin.  Think of Adam and Eve in the garden – after they sinned they hid themselves. They had and awareness, instantaneously they had gone through puberty, and they had a defiled conscience. It is the ability to take away the conscience, consciousness of sin because they are forgiven. Your sins will never be mentioned again. The love of Christ constrains us. It requires the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, because the sin nature would bruise the heel of the seed of the woman. The son of God is the “seed of the woman.” In Gen 3:15, it is the first prophecy of the miraculous birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and he would be the sacrifice for sin. God made clothes of skin for Adam and Eve, they couldn’t do it for themselves. It required the shedding of blood. Ultimately it required the blood of His son, none of us could offer a sacrifice which would achieve what His blood achieved.

Gen 22:8 God providing the sacrifice. Abreaham calls this place when all was said and done, Yahweh Yirah – Yahweh will provide. God provided himself a lamb, and a son and a redeemer.

God provided, he didn’t demand it, he provided what was necessary. This is Yahwehs doing and it is right in our eyes.

When we talk about the Name, this is what has been in the plan since the beginning of time.

Psa 22:16; Here is a Psalm, they pierced his hands and feet, they drew blood. His heel.

2 Sam 23;7 – The man that touches them will be filled with iron and the shaft of a spear. What did they do, they pierced his side with a spear and blood and water came out.

Dan 9:26 – So Messiah is king to be cut off. The disciples couldn’t understand it.

Isa 53:4-6 – He was wounded for our transgressions and Yahweh has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was also bruised, Gen 3:16

Isa 53:8,10,12 – It is for the transgression of his people that he is stricken.

Made his soul an offering for sin. The blood for the atonement of the soul, the life is in the blood. His blood an offering for sin.

He has poured out his soul unto death, same thing as saying he poured out his blood, blood and soul = the same thing.

We are saved by his life, that he lived.

Jesus wounds are a testimony of his sacrifice so they will remain in Jesus body.

The Lord Jesus Christ was the fulfilment of the Yahweh name. If you have kept my name, you have lived lives according to the pattern, His pattern. The pattern that we follow.

Understanding that, lets look at the Idea of the Name when it comes into the New Testament.

Luke 18:31-34 – They didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Thats what it was like for the Apostles.

Luke 24:25 – O fools and slow of heart. That can be us, and we just don’t get it. You can hear it but do you really believe that the blood of Christ can cleanse you from all sin. Faith and belief same word in greek.

Luke 24:44-47 –  It’s in the law, prophets and psalms, but he has to open their understanding so they can see and believe it, that the blood of Christ is capable of cleansing us from all sin.

If we believe that, it changes the way we behave.  This is where they were, but once he opened their understanding, then they went out and taught that to other people. Once we get this, the commandment is Mark 16:16, go out and teach everybody in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Rev 2:13 – Thou holdest fast my name – There is none other name under heaven by which men can be saved. If we lose the name, there is none other name and we are done.

Acts 4:10 – By the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth –

Acts 4:12 Neither is there any other name. To hold onto that Name is to hold onto eternal life. If we lose the doctrine of the name we are done because there is no other name.

Acts 10:43 – Through his name, and that is, belief in his name becomes remission. The blood of Christ is effective if we believe.

Heb 11:6 without  belief it is impossible to please God.

Heb 8: 12:     – The things of the Name equated with the things of the Kingdom of God – they are interchangeable.

Phil 2:9-11 – A name which is above every name. He has been given a name, the name of his father, Yahshua. Singing to Jesus is not a big issue, his name is the name of the father, it is the father’s name. By grace are men saved through faith that works by love and purifies the hearth. It is an active faith. If a sinner believes the things of the deity and the name of Jesus anointed and believes with his heart, he is then in a condition to receive repentance and attain a right to eternal life through the Name of Jesus Christ. Without the faith that works by love it is impossible to please the deity.

Acts 2:37-39 – In the name of Jesus Christ.

Baptism is tied into the doctrine of the Name. Change ye your minds and be immersed upon the name of Jesus anointed into the remission of sins.

We have to be baptised upon the name of Jesus Christ.

Acts 10:48 – In the name of the Lord. We are agreeing with the name. We agree that flesh deserves to die, we agree that what Christ did was righteous. This is what God was doing right from the very beginning.

Acts 15:14 – taking out a people for his name. They are being separated from the Gentiles for his name.

1 Thess 1:1 – Listen carefully to this.

The ecclesia of the Thessalonians which is in God, the father and in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now how are they in John? They are baptised into the Name. They are named within the family.

Rom 3:22 The righteousness of God which is by faith, to all and upon all that believe. It is extended to us but it is also put on us. Unto us and upon us.

He wants to add to his name. We are baptised into, but it is also put upon us.

Put the robe on. Where am I now, I am in the robe.

If we put on Christ, we are now in Christ. That is the concept. The Name is a covering by which sin is covered that is the atonement. Psa 32:1-2

When we are baptised into Christ, we put on Christ.

That is your covering. It is your atonement for sin. The challenge is to believe it. The Lord has forgiven us, we are in the name, so act like that. Have confidence. 1Jhn 5:8. The spirit (the truth), the water (baptism) be the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. John 3:5  we have to be born of water and spirit.

Acts 22:16 – The question is asked, “Why tarried thou arise and be baptised and wash away thy sins, calling on the Name of the Lord.”

You are to be baptised and wash away your sins, calling on the name of Christ. Now the word “calling on” means epi kalameomai  = to call. It means to be surnamed or to put a name upon or attach oneself to. When a husband and wife gets married, a woman is surnamed by her husband’s name. She is under his covering. A woman is not circumcised but being attached to her husband  or father, covered by the name of father of husband. We take upon us the name of Jesus Christ whose name is our covering. Back in Pergamos, that is what it means when it says you “hold fast my Name.” Holding on to the nuts and bolts of the truth. So hence now, where are we, we are in Pergamos, “I know your works and where you dwell, where Satan’s seat is,” and where was that the birthplace of the apostasy where it is formalised. So what was the difference with them? You hold fast my Name. You remain true to your husband. And what’s going to happen? Well you are going to have that woman Jezebel come along shortly and she is going to teach people and seduce them to commit fornication and she is going to become a harlot system that is going to arise. Some of you are going to be seduced away from the gospel and they are not going to abide in the Law any more but are going to go out from us and they are going to go out into the world and formalise their own apostasy but these people in Pergamos,  you are holding onto to it. So keep doing that. Hold onto my Name and there is a blessing if we do that. We will close there.

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