The Testimony was established in 1931 as “a magazine for the study and defence of the Holy Scripture” and that remains its aim today. The magazine is divided into a number of sections: Exposition; Reviews; Exhortation; Watchman; Science; Principles, Preaching and Problems; Prophecy, History and Archaeology. There is an editor for each section and an overall Publishing Editor.

The Testimony is published monthly and a normal issue consists of 36 pages. One issue per year is a Special Issuedevoted to a particular theme and is normally double or more the size of an ordinary issue. Occasionally books are published consisting of edited reprints of articles already published. Six such books are currently in print.

The publisher of the magazine is the Testimony Committee consisting of a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, the editors and a number of other members. All members of the committee are active members of Christadelphian congregations in the UK subscribing to the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith.

The Testimony is published in the UK on a non-profitmaking basis and neither editors nor contributors are paid for their work. Print-ready copy is produced on a home PC and then professionally printed; subscriptions and dispatch are also handled from the homes of committee members.

Testimony Magazine

Published by the Testimony, our books cover a range of subjects that may be of interest to the Bible student. These can be purchased and shipped worldwide.


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