The first of 3 studies looking into the evidence for believing in A God, specifically the God Of Israel, This first study considers the growing evidence within the scientific community that life could not have possibly evolved as per Darwin’s claim, due to the complexity of life. Recent discoveries concerning the complex nature of cells and the stunning mechanisms employed by each cell to be fully functioning have shed doubt on many atheist’s claims that there is no designer.
See the evidence – you decide!

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Reasons to Believe in a Creator Three Part Video Bible Study Series

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Reasons to Believe Series

An event organised by the Christadelphians in Rugby (UK) during November 2017 at the public venue the Benn Hall.

God does not ask us to have blind faith in him and his plan, in Hebrews chapter 11 it says “…Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” God has left us plenty of evidence that he exists and that his message revealed in the Bible is real.

We are running three events in November to outline some of the reasons we believe the Bible to be true. We hope you will join us for the talks, the friendly discussion and maybe even some light refreshments too.

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[site_reviews_form id=”iz3w668l” hide=”email,name,terms,title”] exists to serve the brotherhood in providing both preaching and Study material in video and other forms to assist in the proclamation efforts of individuals and Ecclesias alike and also as a preaching tool in itself.

This website was set up to assist in this endeavour and our aim is to Declare the God of Israel to those who are seeking the truth about the Human condition and the message of salvation found within the pages of scripture (the Bible).

We are a group of Baptised Christadelphians from all over the world who volunteer their God given time and resources to this cause.

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