DEBKA Weekly 732 on Nov. 18 reported that on Nov.14, 2016 a conversation took place between incoming National Security Advisor Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Nikolai Patrushev the Russian Security Council Head when they discussed details regarding the pivotal Syrian conflict.


The framework of this plan had two points.  First, the Trump administration and Moscow would work TOGETHER together to defeat ISIS and other radical groups in Syria.  The Second part of this plan is that it would be accepted that Syrian President Bashar Assad would stay in power.


Additional players that were asked to adapt to these policies and military operations in the Syrian arena  included Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. To win their compliance,  Iran was carefully excluded from the framework presented.


Turkey President Erdogan was required to scale back his army from Northern Syria.


Prime Minister Netanyahu was asked to refrain from interfering with the Syrian Army to the South after rebel forces were driven out – In return for Russian guarantees to keep Iranian and Hezbollah forces away from its borders and restore the UN observer force to the Syrian Golan.


King Abdullah of Jordan was requested to accept the same arrangement as Israel as well as providing troops for an assault on the ISIS positions at the Syrian-Jordanian-Israeli border.


The Trump team asked Putin to put the Aleppo operation on hold. Just short of their total rout of rebel forces, for mutual victory.  With the combined force aligned for a comprehensive assault on ISIS, all the elements were assembled into a cohesive design to bring the Syrian conflict under some sort of control.



However Putin started moving toward other horizons. DEBKA Weekly reports that on Nov.15 was a meeting between the Russian high command in Syria and senior Hezbollah officers , thereby tightening Russian and Iranian military coordination.


On Nov.27, Putin welcomed Libyan Gen. Khalifa Haftar to Moscow where they agreed on military assistance that would be paid for by permission for Russia to establish a new Mediterranean Air and Naval base at Benghazi.  Libya and Iran of course are named as two of the countries in confederacy with Russia when they attack Israel (Ezekiel 38:5).


After Putin had promised Trump to put the Aleppo operation on hold, on Nov.29, information came out that a senior official of the “Pro-Damascus alliance” declared their plan was “to drive the rebels out of Aleppo BEFORE Donald Trump takes office as President.  Just Today, Dec.13, it is reported that the Syrian government has seized full control of Aleppo.


Also, the Syrian-Jordanian-Israel border operation was cut short abruptly when it was transpired that after Putin defeats the rebels in Aleppo, that he intended to replicate operations in Southern Syria.  Upon hearing this information, Israeli PM Netanyahu sent his Air Force over Damascus.


The U.S. Intelligence Agencies interpret Russia’s actions as a way to test the new President-Elect Trump’s reactions .  It will be interesting to see how they will handle the situation after subscribing to a leaky deal with Moscow. However at this point Russia has made it clear that they are holding the reins for the next stages of the Syrian war.



DEBKA Weekly this last week reported that after Aleppo, President Vladimir Putin informed Syrian President Assad that he (Putin) and his commanders in the field will be SOLEY RESPONSIBLE for decisions regarding future battles in Syria! The rebel controlled Idlib, a 6,100 sq. km region, which said to be next in line. Also, most recently,  ISIS forces have now re-captured Palmyra, after only 9 months of losing it which Russia will surely target soon.


Also, just today, Dec.13, Trump announced that Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson will be added to his cabinet as Secretary of State.  Tillerson, like Trump, is a career businessman and null of any experience in politics.  But Tillerson does have ties to Vladimir Putin.  They both like oil.  In 2011, they both signed a deal to drill for oil in the Arctic,  Black Sea and Siberia, making ten joint ventures.  In 2012, Putin gave Tillerson the Order of Friendship award, the highest award given to non-Russian citizens who earn”special merits in strengthening peace, friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between peoples”.   This is a great concern for both the Democratic and Republican partys.


In 2014, Exxon was hit hard by EU sanctions targeting Russia for its intervention in Ukraine.  It is estimated Exxon lost 1 billion dollars in these sanctions.  However, sanctions may be lifted on Russia upon the new Trump administration.


This all comes as investigations have sprung regarding any interference by Russia in the  U.S. elections last month.  Allegedly the CIA say that Russia hacked into both Democrat and Republican information but only released information from the Democratic party. If this is true, this could mean that Russia is holding information on Trump and/or the Republican Party as blackmail. It will be interesting to see if any new evidence will be discovered.



This is only the beginning of what appears to be a very interesting series of events that are developing just as the bible says and we watch and look for the soon return of our Lord.