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Free Christadelphian Exhortation Video Service


Below is a typical exhortation of the kind given at Christadelphian Halls the world over… If you would like to receive these on a weekly basis please send an email to stating your name and ecclesia and we will add you to the list of recipients. or fill in the form below.

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Most are recorded in HD and usually include hymns and the prayers for the emblems, We do not generally make these available to the public so if you wish to view you will need to apply. (Christadelphians only)


  1. Yvonne Thurlby

    Yes please, I would very much like to receive, thank you.
    I attend the Pakuranga Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand.
    I am 56 years old and have been a member since I was 15 years old.

  2. Sister Corky Emett

    I would very much like to receive the Christadelphian exhortations. I belong to the Langlois, Oregon Ecclesia but live in Ash Fork, Arizona. There are times when I cannot participate by phone and would like to have exhortations available to have my own memorial service with the Lord. Thank you in advance for your help. Sister Corky Emett

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