SUFFERING is a problem in life that comes home to everyone. A child is born blind, deformed or mentally afflicted; and the question comes: Why? The child has done no harm.

A man or woman of fine character and in the prime of life is racked with pain in a hopeless disease that can only end in death. Why him? Why her? These are the people who can least be spared.

The playlist below features 9 Personal testimonies from People who have experienced first-hand adversity in their lives.

This series of candid interviews offers valuable insights into how people of faith manage to cope with illness, disability or bereavement. We can learn how best to respond with compassion and practical help; and how God can help us get through.

Faith in the Face of Adversity

Produced by the WCF,
The Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation has two primary objectives: To serve the Household of Faith, and to preach the Truth to the World

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