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This weeks feature post…..

Out Today – Don Pearce’s Milestones Bible Magazine article from Winter 2017/18

Now let’s look at Europe and Russia!! Christadelphian Watchman Prophecy Update 30.3.2018 :

Avoiding Catastrophe in the wilderness – 5 Part Youth Weekend Study Series

Rugby Bible Prophecy Day 2018 ‘ Behold I come as a thief’ Video Study Series

Israel clashes with Iran – the “Persia” of latter day Bible prophecy – Bible in the News Video Post

Germany has been Quietly Working to Unite European Militaries since the 1950’s: Prophecy Update

“PERSIA… With them.” An examination of recent events in Iran in the light of Bible prophecy Bible Prophecy in the News

Inspiration of the Bible 3 Part In-depth Bible Study Series

Israel, the Balfour Declaration and the Bible – 2 Part Series Bible Study Series

CREATION vs Theistic Evolution – Bible Study Resource Area

Jonah – 5 Part Bible Study Series – Brendon Clark Bible Study Series

‘BEHOLD I COME AS A THIEF’ South Wales Bible Prophecy Day Study Series

Must See! Bible Prophecy concerning the Papal Influence in the Last Days Video post

Lift up your heads – Redemption Draws near – Jim Cowie 2017 Bible Study Series

Looking Forward to the Judgement Seat 7 Part Bible Study Series – D. Tappouras

Hope Of Israel Day: Coventry Special effort April 2017 4 Part Bible Study Series

2017 – Unfolding Timeline

Bible Prophecy Fulfilled in 1948. The State of Israel comes into existence after almost 2000 yrs in exile.

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Rugby Bible Prophecy Day 2017 Study Series


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