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2018 Prophecy Review

Description: The speaker interprets the main political events of 2018 in the light of the Old Testament prophets, to show how the purpose of God is on course, and particularly, the second coming of Christ. The evidence is overwhelming and as nations and their leaders pursue national interests, the more it demonstrates that God has overall control. Current world events move quickly and inevitably to a pre-determined end and the Kingdom of God

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Brantford Prophecy Day 2018

1: The Hope Of Israel – Brother Pete Owen
2: The Prince of Rosh – Brother Matt Davies
3: Britain and Brexit – Brother Matt Davies
4: “And he Gathered Them” – Brother Peter Owen


Thought for January 21st. “CALL NO MAN YOUR FATHER”

Thought for January 21st. “CALL NO MAN YOUR FATHER”

Todays readings… Genesis 26, Psalm 38, Matthew 23 Matthew Ch 23 is full of blunt observations by Jesus about the religious leaders, but no indication is given of their reaction. The end of ch. 22 shows how he silenced them with a question they could not answer and “from  that day did anyone dare ask him any more questions.” Chapter 23 starts by telling us he is speaking to “the crowds and to his disciples” [v.1], and the whole chapter ...
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Russia on Israel's Border: October 2018 Bible Prophecy Update Prophecy New Video Release
Video Description: Detailed examination of the 'sign's of the Times' in relation to Bible Prophecy - Current events are building up to the position where Christ will soon return to the earth - Russia will take Turkey back to herself, but this may be after the faithful are taken to Judgement. Russia's invasion of Egypt then Israel will bring forth the wrath of God upon the Nations administered by the Saints, (Ezek 38, Zech 14, etc) With the build-up of ...
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WAKE UP! Global Conflict Imminent! -: Joel 3: 'I will also Gather 'ALL' Nations' Prophecy New Video Release
Ever wondered about the prophecy of Joel CPT 3? - well this exciting video provides an in-depth study into this prophecy and considers just how it is being fulfilled... literally today! hot off the press this video discusses the upcoming conflict in Idlib, potentially a game changer for the region, Russia, Turkey and Iran all have an interest here and this video features news clips and commentary relating to this. Follow Bible Truth and Prophecy on WordPress.com  Watch in Full ...
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*MUST SEE** -'FROG LIKE SPIRITS' Gathering the Nations to ArmageddonDraft New Video Release
Video Description: *MUST SEE** -'FROG LIKE SPIRITS' Gathering the Nations to Armageddon This is an insightful and revealing study into the 'Frog-like spirits' mentioned in scripture. The speaker goes to great lengths to demonstrate from his research that it is this spirit that is the driving force behind political and religious systems that will ultimately lead the nations to Armageddon. Historical and recent news items are featured heavily in this remarkable video. Probably the most comprehensive and up to date material ...
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2018 Melbourne Prophecy Day Study Boxset New Video Release
Video Description: Bro Philip Weatherall (Daventry, UK) “The Mind of  Modern Russia” Bro Carl Parry (Salisbury, SA) “Sweeping changes in Europe … their Prophetic Significance” Bro Neville Bullock (Wilston, QLD) “Jerusalem, Burdensome Stone for all People  Watch in Full HD below - Click Image to play... Follow Bible Truth and Prophecy on WordPress.com Catch  up with other series here... Christadelphian Prophecy Days / Bible Schools / Special events / Video Study Series Christadelphianvideo.org exists to serve the brotherhood in providing ...
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Brisbane 2018 Prophecy Day Study Boxset New Video Release
To Kick off this years round of Prophecy days in Austrailia,  The Wilston Ecclesia in Brisbane invited three speakers to speak on current events. 1: "Of Whom I Have Spoken of in Old Time: The Mind Of Russia" - Bro Philip Weatherall 2: "Israel: God's Enduring witness" - Bro Klaus Papowski 3: "A More Sure Word of Prophecy" - Bro Gregg Pogson The studies will be available from the link below as we finish producing them Follow Bible Truth and Prophecy ...
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